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Please describe your ideal universal remote control:
1.How much should it cost?
2.How many devices do you want to control?
3.How many functions per device do you require?
4.Are hard buttons important?
5.Do you want an LCD touchscreen display?
6.Are you missing any original equipment remotes?
7.Do you want to be able to "learn" commands from your current remotes?
8.Would you like to automate commonly performed system activities via "macros"?
9.Should your new remote be computer programmable?
How should I interpret your requirements?
Make educated guesses to help me find the best remote control possible.
Place higher importance on adherence to my specific requirements.
Force strict interpretation of all requirements (not recommended for beginners).
If desired, select other optional features:
Custom Images: Yes No Surf Internet: Yes No
Backlighting: Yes No IR Hold Time: Yes No
Rechargable: Yes No High Frequency IR: Yes No
RF Basestation: Yes No Variables: Yes No
Menu Joystick: Yes No Share Setups: Yes No
Timers: Yes No Uses Pronto Hex: Yes No

Or, compare any remote controls side-by-side:
Remotes with only hard buttons.
Remotes with both hard buttons and any type of LCD screen.
Remotes with both hard buttons and an LCD touchscreen.
Remotes with only LCD touchscreen displays.
Remotes with color LCD screens.
Remotes that are fully computer programmable.
Show all remotes and let me make my own comparison list.

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