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Grundig IR Format
For: All Models
By: Bernard Barrier
This archive includes a PDF datasheet of the IC used in many Grundig remotes. Describes the protocol and coding used. Also included is a Word document explaining how to interpret the Grundig's remote controls and program the Pronto. A macro is embedded in the document that will automatically generate the hex code for a given command.
Updated: October 23, 2002  Size: 155kb
Yamaha Hex Code Generator
For: All Models
By: Ro Carter
A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will automatically calculate IR hex codes for Yamaha's cryptic format.
Updated: December 10, 2005  Size: 23kb
Yamaha Enhanced Codes
For: All Models
By: Dave D'Arche
A Microsoft Word document with some generated Yamaha extended IR codes.
Updated: February 16, 2004  Size: 5kb
Sony IR Code Collection (XLS)
For: All Models
By: Bertrand Gillis
v3.0 An update to my Sony IR code collection. An IR code decoder and device generator are included.
Updated: July 09, 2002  Size: 268kb
Pronto & Controlling X-10 via IR (DOC)
For: All Models
By: Barry Gordon
Barry Gordon's document explaining how to control X-10 system components via IR signals with the Pronto remote control. In MS Word format.
Updated: March 08, 1999  Size: 8kb
ProntoEdit's IR Display Format (DOC)
For: All Models
By: Barry Gordon
Barry Gordon's document explaining the format of IR codes as stored in ProntoEdit and how to decipher and modify them. MS Word format. Also available online in HTML format.
Updated: March 08, 1999  Size: 12kb
Marantz RC5200 Docking Station Repair
For: All Models
By: Jason
One user's experience repairing their DS5200 docking station, including photos of disassembly and fuse replacement. This information is also useful for other stations with the compound connector, such as the TSU6000's DS6000 and RC9200's DS9200. In Adobe PDF format.
Updated: July 13, 2004  Size: 367kb
IRDatabase Documentation (DOC)
For: All Models
By: Steven Keyser
Documentation on how to Learn IR codes, add them to your rcir.mdb file and then add them to a button using IRDatabase and ProntoEdit. In MS Word format.
Updated: February 21, 2000  Size: 13kb
Communicating with the Pronto
For: All Models
By: Marcel Majoor
Documentation on communicating with the Pronto. Also includes documentation on the RC5, RC5x, RC6 and RC6A protocols. The sample application uses the IRLEARN and IRSTART commands to communicate with the Pronto. It generates learned code data (from RC5/RC5X/RC6/RC6A). Includes source code in Delphi.
Updated: August 06, 2002  Size: 317kb
A Pronto Newbie's Diary
For: All Models
By: Tom O'Neill
This is a 3 page journal of detailed notes I kept as I began learning how to program Pronto, using all the facilities Remote Central provides. The file was saved as plain text, since I don't have access to Adobe Acrobat writer.
Updated: September 23, 2001  Size: 4kb
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