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CCF2EFC v1.0
For: All Models
By: John Fine
Dumps out the contents of a CCF file as text. Decodes most IR sequences and includes protocol : device : function for each decoded signal. Translates function numbers into OneForAll EFC numbers for many protocols.
Updated: July 19, 2000  Size: 30kb
CDJ2CCF 300 Disc Update
For: All Models
By: Tony Golden
Replacement "master.ccf" file for the CDJ2CCF utility, allowing it to work with Sony 300 disc changers.
Updated: June 02, 2000  Size: 19kb
Jukebox Generator (XLS)
For: All Models
By: Ivan Gonzalez
Jukebox panel generator that uses Excel. Requires CCF Decompiler & Compiler, available above. Instructions included in .TXT file.
Updated: December 05, 1999  Size: 223kb
Gen300 Sony
For: All Models
By: Shaun Armbrust
This file contains my complete CCF, as well as a modified version of Andys utility (above) to generate Disc and Track listings for a Sony 300 CD changer using a text file with disc title and track info.
Updated: November 17, 1999  Size: 180kb
For: All Models
By: Andy Kromkamp
This tool will allow you to quickly generate a hierarchical (Index-CD-Track), fully labeled CD MegaChanger Device for your Pronto, using a simple easy-to-create text file of your CDs! Included in this package is documentation, bitmaps, an example CD list, an example generated .csf file and an example compiled .ccf file. You must have a current version of Perl on your system, as well as the CCFDecompiler & Compiler tools also available here.
Updated: October 29, 1999  Size: 29kb
For: All Models
By: Jeroen Sonnemans
If you own a Sony CD Jukebox plus the SLink-e this will be of interest. CDJ2CCF will take the CDJ Access database and put the artist and title information on buttons in the enclosed master.ccf, with the correct IR commands to load the CD. You can merge the generated CCF with your own Pronto CCF file.
Updated: June 08, 1999  Size: 3.5mb
List CCF
For: All Models
By: Mike Johnson
A simple program in C++, also compiled as a Win32 console executable. Lists a CCF file's button names, macros and IR codes. Covers most fields but not everything. A few bugs remain.
Updated: April 29, 1999  Size: 20kb
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