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For: All Models
By: Andy Kromkamp
This tool will allow you to quickly generate a hierarchical (Index-CD-Track), fully labeled CD MegaChanger Device for your Pronto, using a simple easy-to-create text file of your CDs! Included in this package is documentation, bitmaps, an example CD list, an example generated .csf file and an example compiled .ccf file. You must have a current version of Perl on your system, as well as the CCFDecompiler & Compiler tools also available here.
Updated: October 29, 1999  Size: 29kb
Jukebox Generator (XLS)
For: All Models
By: Ivan Gonzalez
Jukebox panel generator that uses Excel. Requires CCF Decompiler & Compiler, available above. Instructions included in .TXT file.
Updated: December 05, 1999  Size: 223kb
List CCF
For: All Models
By: Mike Johnson
A simple program in C++, also compiled as a Win32 console executable. Lists a CCF file's button names, macros and IR codes. Covers most fields but not everything. A few bugs remain.
Updated: April 29, 1999  Size: 20kb
Pronto Calendar Creator
For: All Models
By: George Fournaris
Just open calgen.doc in MS Word and run the start macro. A CSF file named xxxx.csf is saved in the current folder, where xxxx is the year you make a calendar for. Compile this file to CFF format with the ccf compiler/decompiler, available elsewhere in this section. Original calendar design by Martin Henning.
Updated: December 03, 2001  Size: 32kb
Pronto Channel
For: All Models
By: Yves Geltmeyer
v1.20 This program allows you to quickly view and change satellite channel numbers in a pronto source file (requires CCF Compiler/Decompiler). This is particularly useful when channel numbering is changed in your satellite or TV receiver. Many improvements compared to version 1.0: import/export channels list, add/subtract value to several channel numbers, change a channel number and all related channels. Pronto Channel can also be used with CD juke-boxes.
Updated: November 18, 2001  Size: 3.60mb
For: All Models
By: Hakki Goceoglu
ProntoGen is a cataloger for CDs/DVDs complete with cover art, artists, titles and tracks. Information can be created manually or from CDDB. Cover art images can be also be downloaded automatically from the Internet. ProntoGen can create a configuration file for CD/DVD changers and programmable remote controls which lets selecting any album based on alphabetically sorted artists or titles. Categories can be defined to group albums. Tracks can be selected directly by name after a title is selected.
Updated: February 07, 2006  Size: 2.10mb
SNL Sony CD Supercharger
For: All Models
By: Lyndel McGee
v1.00 This program for Sony CD Changers uses SuperNudeList Database Disc/Artist Information and provides: 1) Generation of Basic Sony CD IR commands for all Command Modes, 2) Generation of any number Programmed Playlists for download into Program 1 (CDP-CX450 remote functionality), 3) Generation of NameList CCF that downloads disc names, artist names, and links disc to artist for Sony CD Changers (Requires 2MB or higher remote), 4) Generation of SIRCS Bytestream command sequences as well as a discussion of Sony SIRCS bytestream commands and respective checksums (README2.TXT).
Updated: August 07, 2002  Size: 3.74mb
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