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Daniel's Converted TSU7000 Buttons
Buttons converted from Daniel Tonks' ProntoPro TSU7000 file and converted from PNG to BMP, plus some new bitmaps and logos that I have created.
For: Philips ProntoPro
By: Simon Holmes
Updated: March 23, 2009  Size: 291kb
Roger's Extended Characters
For: Philips TS-1000
By: Roger Brooks
Bitmap buttons for characters from codes 161 through 255, many of which do not exist in the Pronto's original font. The font used is Arial Narrow, which is a reasonable approximation of how the Pronto font appears. The buttons are provided in two sizes: "large" for up to 36 buttons per page, and "small" for up to 110 buttons.
Updated: August 01, 2006  Size: 436kb
Joe Cestra's Backgrounds
Just some backgrounds I made, these are only 9 from a series of over 200, more are on the way... Previews below are shown slightly smaller than half size.
For: Philips ProntoPro
By: Joe Cestra
Updated: October 03, 2004  Size: 69kb
Lorenzo's DVD Covers
404 DVD case thumbnails for the Philips ProntoPro. Images have been reduced to 75 pixels wide and the Pro's color palette. Previews below are shown smaller than actual size.
For: Philips ProntoPro
By: Lorenzo Porras
Updated: August 03, 2003  Size: 2.71mb
Robert Falloon's TSU2000 Pictures
A collection of photos of the silver TSU2000, RU940 & RU890 remotes, in multiple sizes, ready for use on those remotes. Previews below shown at two-thirds actual size.
For: Philips TS-1000
By: Robert Falloon
Updated: August 12, 2002  Size: 17kb
DTS ES Logo Collection
Includes 7 ready-to-use DTS ES logos in BMP format with 4-color dithering, plus the original grayscale image if you wish to size your own. Previews below are shown at two-thirds size.
For: Philips TS-1000
By: Daniel Tonks
Updated: October 16, 2000  Size: 18kb
Jon's BMP Gallery
For: Philips TS-1000
By: Jon Berry
A large selection of buttons, cursors, logos and icons, including 'Wire Framed' channel icons in Cinemascope for OnDigital users, and logos for Playstation & Nintendo. Some are new, some are borrowed & modified, but most are borrowed. Many thanks to all who (unwittingly?) contributed.
Updated: April 01, 2000  Size: 186kb
Daniel's Collection of Pronto Logos
Includes 10 unique sized Pronto remote control icons and 4 "Pronto" text logos, already converted to the Pronto's 4-color palette.
For: Philips TS-1000
By: Daniel Tonks
Updated: February 22, 2000  Size: 13kb
Dustin Reinsmith's Looney Tunes
20 of our favorite Looney Tunes, all in the proper 4-color BMP format for use on the Pronto. Previews below are shown at half-size.
For: Philips TS-1000
By: Dustin Reinsmith
Updated: February 06, 2000  Size: 29kb
Dale's Alphabet
Includes a complete alphabet the same style as used in Dale's CCF file. Missing characters (QXZ) were filled in by Daniel Tonks; original collection compiled by John O'Donnell. Buttons are shown full-size. (In BMP format)
For: Philips TS-1000
By: Dale Crawford
Updated: September 09, 1999  Size: 1kb
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