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There are 41 Contest Entry System Files.
7 authors begin with the letter F.
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For: URC MX-3000
By: Sean Flanagan
Contest Entry # 9: Cinnamon
Second Place Winner!
Cutting edge graphics with a warm, classic feel. Designed around a modular concept allowing great freedom in layout, with numerous graphical elements including backgrounds and several positional overlay panels to accent the design. Includes dedicated panels for functions such as playing media, CD disc selection, and keypad entry. Maintains a clean design with clear, legible text. Under the Goodies device are included a large number of fully rendered buttons and titlebar text for other devices, an entire suite of blank buttons (and titlebar) set up for user text, blank menu, choice of title bars with discrete or toggle power, as well as a battery bar for the main menu.
Updated: June 17, 2005  Size: 1.43mb

For: URC MX-3000
By: Andrew Fox
Contest Entry #10: Bigblue
Second Place Winner!
Bigblue is a totally original RCC file. All buttons and backgrounds were designed using the most basic of tools, ZPaint and Paint. It was designed to be used intuitively by anyone picking it up with no prior experience of unifying remote controls or the system being controlled. Where possible symbols have been used instead of words. This RCC has passed both the baby sitter and mother-in-law tests with flying colours! Lighting control is available from all pages.
Updated: June 17, 2005  Size: 351kb

For: URC MX-3000
By: André du Fresne
Contest Entry #11: Jade@MX-3000
Second Place Winner!
I am proud to introduce you to my Jade@MX-3000 configuration file.

Some key facts:

  • Almost 350 original graphics
  • Some 60 variables
  • About 330 Aliases / Macros
  • Hybrid navigation: Either via tapping the screen or by using the cursor keys
  • Full-working Tic-Tac-Toe, including win/lose recognition
  • Nearly all buttons with ON / OFF status
  • Animated screen changes
  • 4 devices (TV, VCR, DVD, AMP) plus Status and Game screens.
  • Interactive HELP screens for all devices.

    With this configuration, I wanted to push the MX-3000 variable capabilities to the limit. By doing so, the remote always knows, which state the devices are in, no matter what you do. The main selection page lets you choose whether to watch TV, DVD or VCR. Go to the AMP screen to change inputs or soundfields etc. Selecting STATUS lets you view and change the state your devices are currently in. You will also find four preprogrammed sleeptimers there. And finally: a GAME for two, the classic game of TIC-TAC-TOE. In the main selection you can navigate either by tapping the desired action/device or - for ultimate convenience - use the... (more)

  • Updated: November 14, 2005  Size: 2.95mb

    For: URC MX-3000
    By: Brian Farst
    Contest Entry #19: Guitarzans
    Here is my entry. I think it is unique because it isn't to fancy. It is functionally a great, and easy to use layout. The graphics are clean and easy to follow.
    Updated: June 17, 2005  Size: 543kb

    For: URC MX-3000
    By: Chad Fish
    Contest Entry #20: Grizzlies
    This is a sports bar themed basement. The remote was designed to control different areas of the basement, including background audio throughout. A lot of planning went into how to lay out the remote in order to control all the sources and rooms and still have the remote seem easy to understand.
    Updated: June 17, 2005  Size: 448kb

    For: URC MX-3000
    By: Chad Fish
    Contest Entry #21: Light Blue
    This was my 2nd attempt at making a more graphical remote layout with some animated icons and bitmaps for a more interesting look. The remote's blue backlit buttons complement the background chosen.
    Updated: June 21, 2005  Size: 348kb

    For: URC MX-3000
    By: Chad Fish
    Contest Entry #22: Medium Blue
    A similar layout to my second entry but with a different button layout.
    Updated: June 17, 2005  Size: 758kb
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