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Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-3000
Submitted by:
André du Fresne
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Contest Entry #11: Jade@MX-3000
Second Place Winner!
I am proud to introduce you to my Jade@MX-3000 configuration file.

Some key facts:

  • Almost 350 original graphics
  • Some 60 variables
  • About 330 Aliases / Macros
  • Hybrid navigation: Either via tapping the screen or by using the cursor keys
  • Full-working Tic-Tac-Toe, including win/lose recognition
  • Nearly all buttons with ON / OFF status
  • Animated screen changes
  • 4 devices (TV, VCR, DVD, AMP) plus Status and Game screens.
  • Interactive HELP screens for all devices.

With this configuration, I wanted to push the MX-3000 variable capabilities to the limit. By doing so, the remote always knows, which state the devices are in, no matter what you do. The main selection page lets you choose whether to watch TV, DVD or VCR. Go to the AMP screen to change inputs or soundfields etc. Selecting STATUS lets you view and change the state your devices are currently in. You will also find four preprogrammed sleeptimers there. And finally: a GAME for two, the classic game of TIC-TAC-TOE. In the main selection you can navigate either by tapping the desired action/device or - for ultimate convenience - use the cursor keys to make your selection. Pressing the HELP icon takes you to the Jade Info Screen. You can also switch the display of this icon off. To get to the info screens, simply press "INFO" to get the help page of the device you are currently on.

The TV screens let you switch to your favorite programs by simply tapping on one of the 27 full graphics station logos. These are placed on three screens. Using the navigator icon on top of the screen, you can easily switch between your favourite sets of TV stations - animated, of course. The setup menu is accessed by hitting the menu key. An On-Screen-Display lets you adjust the aspect ratio, brightness, color and contrast of your TV - again implementing the hybrid navigation technique. Pressing EXIT takes you back to the stations' screen.

Even though the VCR does only seem to feature two screens, you can control everything. Hitting MENU toggles between the setup functions of the VCR (with full cusor control) or the transport functions. The main functions (Play, Pause, Stop, FFWD, REW) can conveniently be accessed by using the cursor cross. Again, a navigator icon makes switching panels back and forth easy. The three-screen DVD panelset features a menu-, transport- and numberpage. Using the cursor brings you back to the menu screen instantly, as does hitting the MENU key. You will find a navigator icon which tells you, where you are, too.

The AMP page also features both techniques: tapping the desired input on the screen, or cycling through the sources using the cursor key. The STATUS pages gives you information on the current state of your devices. But you can also switch them separately. "All OFF", "All ON" and four sleeptimers round up the functionality of Jade@MX-3000.

But functionality is not all, so, what about a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe? Using dozens of variables, only ONE page is necessary for the game itself - the second screen is only used to present the winner.I very much hope you like JADE@MX-3000. Enjoy and have fun!

Note: this file has been modified from the original entry by URC to ensure that it loads on all MX-3000 remotes.
Updated:November 14, 2005
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