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Virtual CES 2001 Report
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2001 International CES Report

 Fobis Technologies Inc. 

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Weemote 2
Fobis Technologies, makers of the Weemote, have announced a new model of their popular children's remote control. Appropriately named the Weemote 2, the new product enhances their existing model with more functionality and configuration options designed to make the remote compatible with a greater range of systems and more appropriate for a wider age range of children. Both Weemote models allow parents to select the television channels they want their children to view, helping to create a safer viewing environment.

The new Weemote 2 includes support for Personal Video Recorders, such as the TiVo, Replay TV and Echostar Displayer and now includes codes for combination TV/VCR units, along with an increase in general TV and set-top box codes sets. It is also now possible to configure the remote to operate properly with set-top boxes connected to video inputs, rather than just through the coaxial port. Parents can also now disable the volume and channel buttons, or configure the remote to jump immediately to the first pre-programmed channel upon system power-up.

But some of the biggest changes are a doubling of pre-programmed channel numbers, from 5 to 10 supported through the channel up and down buttons, along with a change of case color from bright blue to what is rapidly becoming a new home theater standard - silver. The Weemote 2 will be available in early March 2001 for a suggested retail price of $34.95. Be sure to check out our review of the original Weemote here.

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