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Adding IR Remote Control to the Sony PS3
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Since we first published this article, a number of third-party infrared PS3 remote controls have sprung up on the market, offering compact IR receivers and simplified button layouts containing only those commands that actually function. Importantly, none of these products offer any greater level of PS3 control than our do-it-yourself solution just discussed, since these remotes must also work with the same limited set of controller-based commands that the PS3 will accept over USB.

However, due to creative layouts and button labeling, it’s not always apparent that all existing IR PS3 remotes on the marketplace do, in fact, offer the same essential level of control. Below I’ve compiled a table comparing the control capabilities of two popular aftermarket remotes, the Nyko Blu-Wave Infrared Remote for PlayStation 3 and the Logic3 PS3 Blu-ray / DVD Remote Control, using the stock wireless PS3 game controller as a benchmark.

Command NameNykoLogic3Game Controller
Square/BD MenuSquare
Top Menu
Pop-Up MenuSquare
L1/Previous ChapterL1
Previous Chapter
Previous ChapterL1
L2/Scan -L2
Scan -
Scan -L2
L3 (unused)L3——
R1/Next ChapterR1
Next Chapter
Next ChapterR1
R2/Scan +R2
Scan +
Scan +R2
R3 (unused)R3——

So, as you can see, although the Nyko has 25 buttons versus the Logic3’s 14, they both provide the exact same level of control over BD and DVD movie playback. Although the Nyko is an overall nicer design and potentially more intuitive, if your goal is to integrate one of these PS3 remotes with a universal remote control then the actual physical PS3 remote is of little consequence, as all you really need are its codes and the IR receiver.

And, to that extent, the codes from both models have been reported to be somewhat difficult to learn by other remotes, although possible with perseverance (or in the case of computer programmable models, downloading a configuration that already has them).

Update! You can gain full control over the PS3, including power on and off, using special infrared-to-Bluetooth adapters designed especially for the PS3. You can read reviews on a wide range of these adapters in our Sony PlayStation 3 Advanced Control Roundup.

- Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)

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