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RTI TheaterTouch T2 Remote Control Review
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TheaterTouch T2 Features:

Full Learning: Infrared codes may be learned from 15kHz to 460kHz. This includes Bang & Olufsen and Vidikron components. Files are included for Sony VisionTouch receivers. In addition, the T2 may learn pulsed codes as used by a number of cable box manufacturers.

Complete Backlighting: All physical buttons (except the backlight button, which is glow-in-the-dark) are backlight with a blue electrolumanescent (EL) panel. The LCD panel is backlit with a paper-white EL panel.

LCD Panel: The touchscreen LCD never needs calibrating and can hold up to 12 buttons per screen. All buttons may have customized icons and text. Dot-matrix resolution is 64x128 pixels with 2 colors. Completely custom bitmaps may be used.

Physical Buttons: 25 hard buttons provide easy access to frequently used functions. This include keypad, menu and power commands.

Rechargable Batteries: Dual 900mAH NiMH rechargable batteries each with 8-hour runtimes are part of the standard package. The charging station is wall-mountable and designed to prevent overcharging.

Automatic Power: The T2 turns itself off after a customizable period of time (from 1 to 99 seconds). LCD power-on may be via tilt switch, pressing any button, or pressing only the screen or backlight button.

Non-Volatile Memory: Power is not required to store programming data.

Macros: All hard and LCD buttons can hold macros of up to 64 steps each. Advanced functionality includes conditional statements, page flips and toggle codes.

Pages & Screens: Up to 64 pages (ie. devices/activities) may be created. Each page may also have up to 12 LCD screens with up to 12 buttons on each.

Beeper: All hard and soft button uses are accompanied by a beep tone. This may be disabled if desired.

RF Command Station: Up to 10 optional RF receivers (IRF-6) can be installed for use of the remote control through walls. Each receiver can control up to 6 different zones using IR repeaters and control modules. The flexible reception antenna may be placed up to 12 feet away from the IRF-6.

IRF-6 Modules: Optional video and voltage sensing modules can be used with the IRF-6 for complete synchronization of home theater components. A one-way RS-232 communications module is also available. Additional modules are planned.

PC Programming: All remote configuration and customization is completed on a PC with the included TheaterTouch Designer application. The entire suite allows you to manage IR libraries, create customized buttons or bitmaps, write macros and work with multiple files. 128kb of memory is included A serial port is required.

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