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RTI TheaterTouch T2 Remote Control Review
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Finally getting down to using the remote is a very pleasant experience! LCD screens change instantly, while button commands are all sent quickly. Infrared transmission width and range is absolutely fantastic very well one of the best Ive ever used. In my home theater it works at any angle, pointing at any corner of the room, without fail. I found RF mode on the IRF-6 to be the best Ive had the pleasure of using a few of the RF remotes Ive worked with could barely operate from 30 feet away, while I could easily attain 50 feet through different floors using the T2 and less than ideal antenna placement. The volume level of button beeps cannot be changed, however it can be completely disabled. I would like to see an option to have the beep only on LCD buttons, rather than all. In addition, Id like to see a way to jump to a specific screen rather than just a page. Theres no way to globally define commands such as volume controls so they must be individually defined for each page, or configured on a single page and duplicated for each new device. Id also like to see the remote automatically enter computer link/learn mode when required.

The tilt switch is a great feature, however it only registers large positional changes for instance if you pick the remote up from a table. If it shuts off while in your hand youll need to press the backlight button or tap the LCD to turn it back on. Hard buttons may be used at any time without having the LCD active. Its hard to judge durability, though since the remote is heavy and has a very hard case I would suggest not dropping it on a very hard surface. Though Id prefer the remote had a proper docking station for recharging the battery, RTI has adequately provided for this by including dual batteries so theres always a fresh one with enough runtime to keep it going a week or two between charges.

For anyone with concerns on how the remote handles changing source inputs, remember that you must always go to the main menu to switch devices. Using conditional macro statements you can have it immediately switch to a device if the button is only pressed, or send full source commands if it is held down or double-clicked. You can even configure a VCRs record button to send only if the button is held for, say, three seconds. The remote is extremely versatile in this regard.

The price of the TheaterTouch T2 and its accessories may be prohibitive for some users, however its important to remember that the advanced functionality RTI is offering has only been previously available in really expensive dealer-installed systems that may not include LCD screens nor be hand held. With that in mind, I give the RTI TheaterTouch T2 a big thumbs-up for users who require advanced control in a compact and cost effective package.

- Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)

RTI TheaterTouch T2 Data Box
Price:$649 USD
Contact:   Remote Technologies Inc.
Phone:(952) 253-3100

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