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What's new for Monday September 4, 2006...
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New Forum System Operational
First up for today, and somewhat belatedly, I wanted to mention that the last part of the site that still required updating to the new design, the forum, was actually completed several weeks ago. And it doesn’t just look all new and spiffy; this update encompasses a major rewrite of almost all aspects incorporating numerous improvements both behind the scenes and in areas that you’ll use daily (see here). Most of the belatedness to this post is that I wanted to have absolutely everything that needed to be done finished, and up until this past weekend I’ve been nailing down small bugs as they crop up. I’ve also had the opportunity to reorganize several forums and have also created two new ones.

To begin with, the reorganization has created a new Custom Installation World subheading. In here, of course, is the Custom Installers’ Lounge, but you’ll also find forums for several remote controls that are marketed exclusively to the custom installation industry. In some cases this doesn’t mean that end users can’t obtain the remotes, and they are welcome to post, but it is intended to follow the manufacturers’ official marketing strategy.

To support this new section I’ve split the Universal Remote Control Inc. forum into two: there’s a new one entitled Complete Control by URC for their Complete Control line of professional remotes, while the Universal Remote Control Inc. forum has been repurposed to consumer-oriented models, such as the Master Control series, along with legacy Home Theater Master products.

After carefully analyzing our previous forum structure, I realized that there was no single place for a user to solicit suggestions for new universal remote controls. They could cross-post in different on-topic forums (something I do not recommend) for remotes that they may already be favoring, but if someone needed a helping hand to get started from square one... well, there was only the Home Theater or Other Remotes forums, neither of which were originally intended for that function.

So, under the new Remote Control Research subheading (where you’ll now find the preexisting Discrete Code Hunter) there is a new forum named Which Remote Should I Buy? This is the place for everyone to post asking for recommendations on a universal remote that will suit their needs, and for all other members that would like to help guide them to the perfect control.

All files posted...
Finally, I wanted to comment that all recent file area uploads have been added to our database. Do you have something that you’d like to share with the remote control community? We’d like to host it – use our upload form to start the process now!

This news report was updated on September 6, 2006.