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What's new for Thursday June 22, 2006...
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I've just received the following press release from RCA:

New RCA Remote Ends Frustration Over Which Button to Press for Specific Component Controls

RCA NaviLight
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INDIANAPOLIS, June 22, 2006 - Home theater channel surfing just got easier. The RCA NaviLight® series of universal remote controls puts an end to fumbling for the right button by lighting up only the commands for the component you select.

"The NaviLight series of RCA universal remotes not only provides instant finger-tip control of components, it also ends the frustration of choosing the right function button for a specific product," said Dan Collishaw, Chief Operating Officer, Accessories and Audio/Video Businesses. "These remotes are ideal for the consumer seeking a simple, direct solution to controlling multiple products."

The NaviLight models utilize bright green backlighting to illuminate the functions for specific products. Whether you're in a darkened room or brightly lighted area, the illuminated words above the function buttons are easily viewed. The newly designed remotes feature improved button layout and conveniently sized buttons for easy navigation, whatever the hand size. Additional features include sleep timer, advanced volume and transport keys punch-through as well as dedicated navigation keys for menu and program guide support.

With a touch of the device button, the RCA NaviLight series of three universal remote controls illuminates only the controls you need for simple, easy navigation. For example, by activating the TV control button, only functions of the television light up on the remote. NaviLight models, all of which are now available, include the RCA RCR860 (suggested retail price $29.99) which provides controls for eight components, RCA RCR660 (suggested retail price 24.99) which controls up to six components, and the RCA RCR460 (suggested retail price $14.99) four-device model.

The eight-device RCR860 provides access to most brands of satellite and cable boxes, VCRs, DVD players, TVs, DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), sound systems and includes two Auxiliary buttons for controlling an additional two devices such as a VCR, DVD or additional TV. The six-device RCR660 controls TVs, satellite/cable boxes, DVD players, VCRs, audio systems, and an Auxiliary device, and the four-device RCA460 controls the TV, DVD player, VCR/Aux and Satellite/Cable box.

Four programming methods are included - Direct Entry, Manual and Automatic Code Search, and Brand Search. For programming via Brand Search, the user has the option to search through only the product codes associated with the most popular brands.

Remote capabilities on the six and eight device universal remote controls include advanced functionality such as buttons for a high-definition television and advanced DVD functions.