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Design a Pronto Professional XCF... win a Philips Flat TV!

This contest is now over - check out who won on this page!

Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600

Prizes sponsored by Philips They say the third time's the charm... and so for the third consecutive time Remote Central has teamed together with Philips to present The Great Pronto Design Contest!

Your goal is to create a breathtaking, imaginative design for the just-released Pronto Professional TSU9600, a VGA-resolution control panel with WAV sound support, using the most advanced editor Philips has ever created - ProntoEdit Professional. If you've got the creative spark and the desire to share your designs with the world, you'll have a chance at winning one of three prize packages totaling over $9,000 USD in value, courtesy of Philips! All judging will be done by Remote Central members, so don't be shy - create and WIN!

Check out the complete contest details:

What are the prizes? Philips 50PF9731D 50-Inch Plasma Grand Prize
  • USA/Canada: 50" Philips 50PF9731D plasma television - this stunning beauty features Pixel Plus 3 HD processing, Ambilight Surround, integrated HDTV tuner & Cable Card slot, dual HDMI interfaces, swivel stand and much more!
    - $3,899 USD*
    Europe: 50" Philips 50PF9631D plasma television - this impressive Cineos Flat TV features Pixel Plus 2 HD processing, Ambilight 2, integrated digital DVB-T tuner, dual HDMI interfaces, USB multimedia connection and much more!
    - EUR 3,999*
  • Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600 color touchscreen control panel
    - $1,299 USD
  • Philips Pronto Professional RFX9600 serial extender
    - $599 USD
    Total: $5,797 USD
Second Place
  • Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600 color touchscreen control panel
    - $1,299 USD
  • Philips Pronto Professional RFX9600 serial extender
    - $599 USD
    Total: $1,898 USD
Third Place
  • Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600 color touchscreen control panel
    - $1,299 USD
  • Philips Pronto Professional RFX9400 wireless extender
    - $299 USD
    Total: $1,598 USD

* MSRP, December 2006.

What are the contest guidelines?
  1. All designs will be judged by Remote Central members and Pronto enthusiasts - that likely means you! The exact voting process will be revealed after the submission period.
  2. Designs must contain at least 75% original graphics (of your own creation) for consideration.
  3. Designs will be evaluated on originality (how unique the design and graphics are), layout (button placement and ergonomics) and quality (overall "fit and finish" of the file).
  4. All configurations should include layouts for (at minimum) the following devices:
    1. Television or Projector
    2. DVR or VCR
    3. DVD Player/Jukebox
    4. Receiver or Preamplifier
  5. Layouts must be "activity" based and not "device" based, and may be for single or multi-room systems.
  6. All prizes are US or Europe-specification and must be shipped to an address in the US, Canada or Europe.
  7. The fine print: By entering your layout and in consideration for your entry in the contest, you agree that your layout is "work-for-hire" full and unrestricted ownership of all artwork, images, software, writings, the XCF, and any other property created or supplied pursuant to this contest (including, but not limited to, any artwork or images supplied by you, and any trademarks or copyrights related thereto), and all elements and materials created or furnished by you in connection with any of the foregoing (collectively, the "Material"), shall become and remain the property of Philips and, unless otherwise specifically provided, shall be considered specially ordered for Philips as a "work made for hire", or if for any reason held not to be a "work made for hire", you hereby assign to Philips all right, title, and interest in and to the Material. Unless otherwise specifically provided, Philips’ rights in the Material shall include, but not be limited to, the exclusive right to use and otherwise exploit any or all of the Material in any manner and in any media, whether now known or hereafter devised, throughout the world in perpetuity. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Philips’ rights in the Material shall include the right to alter, digitize, distribute, reproduce, and copyright any or all of the Material. You agree not to mortgage, pledge, assign, or otherwise encumber any or all of the Material. All submissions will be made available for download on the Remote Central site and/or used for promotional purposes by Philips. In non-legalese: Philips is allowed to use XCFs submitted for marketing purposes.
How do I submit my entry?
  1. Enter as many times as you like, but remember that each new design must be significantly different from your other designs.
  2. You may re-submit your previously entered file once, before the close of the contest, if you have made improvements.
  3. All submissions must include:
    1. Your .XCF file, compressed in .ZIP format (with WinZip, for example).
    2. Any .WAV sound files used in the .XCF file.
    3. A catchy name for your design (if a name is not provided one will be created for you).
    4. A brief text description of what makes your design unique.
    5. 4 screenshots showcasing what you believe are the most memorable sections of your design.
  4. Send your entries via email to CONTEST OVER!
  5. Submissions must be received by midnight Pacific Time on Sunday April 8th, 2007.
Do I need to own a Pronto to compete? Absolutely not! Here’s everything that you’ll require in order to participate in this competition:

  1. The ProntoEdit Professional PC software program. This includes a fully functional Pronto Professional simulator with which to test your design. Since you can only incorporate learned signals if you currently own a Pronto, users without a remote should instead add a preprogrammed code, delay or jump (where appropriate) on each button in order for the configuration to function correctly. To download ProntoEdit Professional click here.
  2. A bitmap editing program. This could be anything from Microsoft Paint to Adobe Photoshop. Many designers also fashion their buttons in a vector-based program first, such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.
  3. Optional: A WAV sound editing program. Note that sound files can be converted to the required format (16-bit, mono, 44.1kHz sample rate) using the free Sound Recorder which comes with any Windows XP operating system.
  4. Your brain! Quite possibly the most important part! Be unique, be creative, be different!
Need help or ideas? You’ll find a wide range of resources here on Remote Central, such as the Pronto Professional Forum where you can talk with others about ProntoEdit Professional and remote control user interface creation in general. For design inspiration, hop on over to our Pronto NG PCF file area where you'll find a huge number of original design systems including all of the entries from our last Pronto contest. For even more ways to get your creative juices flowing, visit the even larger Classic Pronto CCF file area!

Finally, you can also visit for the latest ProntoEdit Professional downloads and more tips and tricks.

Hurry, this competition closes at midnight Pacific Time on Sunday April 8th, 2007!
Get started right now - download ProntoEdit Professional!Download ProntoEdit Professional

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