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Design a cool MX-3000 layout... and you could win $5,000!

Universal Remote Control Inc. MX-3000
Universal Remote Control Inc.

This contest is now OVER! Thanks for your participation! For the results page, click here!

Do you have the creative itch? The award winning MX-3000, with its endless possibilities for user interface designs, now awards users for their imagination! Universal Remote Control Inc. and Remote Central are very pleased to present the MX-3000 Design Contest, where you could win $5,000 in cash or a powerful MX-3000 color LCD touchscreen remote control!

All you have to do is create an original color graphical layout with the MX-3000’s easy-to-use MX Editor PC software. Then send your finished .RCC file to us and, if it’s chosen by the judges as one of the best or most original, you’ll win 1 of 11 prize packages totaling $18,178 in value!

So what are you waiting for? Read the contest guidelines below and start designing today!

What are the prizes? Grand Prize
  • $5,000 Cash
  • Universal Remote Control MX-3000 Color Touchscreen Remote Control - $999
  • Universal Remote Control MRF-300 Multi-Zone RF Basestation - $199
    Total: $6,198!

    10 Second Place Prizes

  • Universal Remote Control MX-3000 Color Touchscreen Remote Control - $999
  • Universal Remote Control MRF-300 Multi-Zone RF Basestation - $199
    Total: $1,198 times 10 winners!

  • What are the contest guidelines?
    1. Designs must contain at least 75% original graphics for consideration and must not have been entered into any previous design contest.
    2. The Grand Prize winner will be evaluated on many aspects, including originality (how unique the design and graphics are), layout (button placement and ergonomics) and quality (overall “fit and finish” of the file). Second prize winners will be awarded unique recognition for their work. Examples might be categories such as “Originality”, “Best Animation”, “Best Use of Sound”, “Funniest” etc. Judges will respond to imagination and entertainment value while evaluating effective actual use in a home theater.
    3. All configurations should include layouts for (at minimum) the following devices:
      1. Television
      2. VCR or DVR
      3. DVD Player
      4. Receiver or Preamplifier
    4. Layouts may be based upon “activity” or “device” concepts.
    5. The fine print: Current and past employees and contractors directly employed by Universal Remote Control, Inc. in the past two years may not enter this contest. The contest is open to any other person, residing anywhere in the world. When you enter this contest by sending in your entry, you agree that all rights to your work; in the form of an .rcc file and all the component parts of the file such as images, graphics, programming, text and writing, including any trademarks or copyrights related thereto, shall become and remain the property of Universal Remote Control, Inc. Universal Remote Control, Inc.’s rights to use your contest entry shall include, but not be limited to, the exclusive right to use and otherwise exploit any part or component of your contest entry in any manner and in any media, at any time, anywhere in the world. Universal Remote Control, Inc.’s rights to use the parts and components of your contest entry shall also specifically include the right to edit, alter, digitize, distribute, reproduce, and copyright any or all of the parts or components of your entry. You agree not to mortgage, pledge, assign, or otherwise encumber any or all of the parts or components of your entry. All contest entries will be made available for download on the Remote Central site and/or used for promotional purposes by Universal Remote Control, Inc.
    How do I submit my entry?
    1. Enter as many times as you like – but remember that each new design must be significantly different from your other designs.
    2. You may re-submit your previously entered file once, before the close of the contest, if you have made improvements.
    3. All submissions must include:
      1. Your .RCC file, compressed in .ZIP format (with WinZip, for example).
      2. A brief text description of what makes your design unique.
      3. 2 to 4 screenshots showcasing what you believe are the most memorable sections of your design.
    4. This contest is open worldwide.
    5. Send your entries via email to CONTEST IS NOW OVER! If you have any questions regarding this contest they may be directed to the same email address.
    6. Submissions must be received by midnight Eastern Time on Sunday May 1st, 2005. (That's 04:00 GMT/UTC May 2nd.)
    Do I need to own an MX-3000 to compete? Absolutely not! Here’s all that you’ll require in order to participate in this competition:

    1. The MX-3000 Editor PC software program This includes a fully functional MX-3000 emulator with which to test your design. You can use the huge Discrete IR database built in to MX-3000 editor, or drag in learned codes from Pronto, MX700, MX800 or MX850 files so that all your buttons work. To download MX-3000 Editor, click here.
    2. A graphics editing program. This could be anything from Microsoft Paint to Adobe Photoshop. Many designers also fashion their buttons in a vector-based program first, such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks or CorelDRAW. Some of these programs have 30 day free trial versions. The MX-3000 now supports PNG, GIF, animated GIF and BMP file formats.
    3. Your brain! Quite possibly the most important part! Be unique, be creative, be different!
    ...And if I need help or ideas? Visit Remote Central’s MX-3000 RCC file area for an existing library of system configurations and unique designs sure to get your creative juices flowing!

    If you need further help, visit the Universal Remote Control Inc. chat forum to talk with others!

    To give you ideas, here are a few sample screenshots of the default interfaces that come with MX Editor...

    Hurry, this competition closes at midnight Eastern Time on Sunday May 1st, 2005!

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