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Toronto & Buffalo Area Distance Chart
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Note that all distances shown below are taken from official city centers, and should be considered approximate. Although UHF stations are usually rated to fade out after about 60 miles due to the curvature of the earth, experience has shown that many high definition television channels in this area are available well beyond 90 miles with proper equipment.

Updated June, 2009.

Distances to HDTV transmitter locations...
City/TownToronto CN TowerBuffalo Grand IslandBuffalo South (ABC)
Ajax, ON 23.7mi (38.1km) 57.5mi (92.5km) 86.5mi (139.2km)
Akron, NY 61.9mi (99.6km) 21.1mi (33.9km) 27.3mi (43.9km)
Albion, NY 66.0mi (106.2km) 39.7mi (63.9km) 47.4mi (76.3km)
Amherst, NY 55.9mi (89.9km) 8.5mi (13.7km) 24.2mi (38.9km)
Ancaster, ON 44.2mi (71.1km) 56.5mi (90.9km) 80.8mi (130.0km)
Angola, NY 71.6mi (115.2km) 27.7mi (44.6km) 20.7mi (33.3km)
Arthur, ON 58.9mi (94.8km) 98.1mi (157.9km) 127.0mi (204.4km)
Aurora, ON 23.8mi (38.3km) 71.4mi (114.9km) 102.0mi (164.1km)
Barrie, ON 53.7mi (86.4km) 101.0mi (162.5km) 132.0mi (212.4km)
Batavia, NY 75.4mi (121.3km) 37.7mi (60.7km) 33.4mi (53.7km)
Beamsville, ON 31.6mi (50.9km) 29.7mi (47.8km) 57.5mi (92.5km)
Beaverton, ON 55.9mi (90.1km) 97.5mi (156.9km) 127.0mi (204.4km)
Bowmanville, ON 39.7mi (63.9km) 62.2mi (100.1km) 88.4mi (142.3km)
Brampton, ON 18.3mi (29.4km) 62.0mi (99.8km) 92.6mi (149.0km)
Brantford, ON 55.5mi (89.3km) 67.8mi (109.0km) 90.4mi (145.5km)
Buffalo, NY 58.5mi (94.1km) 21.6mi (34.8km) 10.8mi (17.4km)
Burlington, ON 29.7mi (47.8km) 48.5mi (78.0km) 76.5mi (123.1km)
Caledon, ON 34.2mi (55.0km) 79.4mi (127.8km) 109.0mi (175.4km)
Cambridge, ON 50.2mi (80.8km) 73.6mi (118.4km) 99.0mi (159.3km)
Cheektowaga, NY 60.4mi (97.2km) 12.3mi (19.8km) 19.3mi (31.1km)
Clarence, NY 60.9mi (98.0km) 17.2mi (27.7km) 23.8mi (38.3km)
Dunkirk, NY 79.6mi (128.1km) 43.0mi (69.2km) 37.5mi (60.31km)
Dunnville, ON 51.9mi (83.5km) 36.2mi (58.2km) 54.2mi (87.2km)
Erie, PA 110.0mi (177.0km) 86.0mi (138.4km) 82.5mi (132.8km)
Fort Erie, ON 55.7mi (89.6km) 8.3mi (13.4km) 24.7mi (39.7km)
City/TownToronto CN TowerBuffalo Grand IslandBuffalo South (ABC)
Georgetown, ON 25.6mi (41.2km) 65.1mi (104.8km) 95.1mi (153.0km)
Guelph, ON 43.7mi (70.3km) 76.1mi (122.4km) 104.0mi (167.3km)
Hagersville, ON 57.5mi (92.5km) 57.2mi (92.1km) 76.0mi (122.3km)
Hamburg, NY 69.5mi (111.8km) 22.0mi (35.4km) 11.6mi (18.7km)
Hamilton, ON 35.7mi (57.4km) 50.2mi (80.8km) 77.0mi (123.9km)
Innisfil, ON 47.2mi (76.0km) 94.1mi (151.4km) 125.0mi (201.2km)
Jamestown, NY 107.0mi (172.2km) 67.0mi (107.8km) 49.0mi (78.9km)
Kitchener, ON 56.7mi (91.2km) 84.4mi (135.8km) 110.0mi (177.0km)
Kleinburg, ON 18.1mi (29.1km) 66.1mi (106.4km) 97.4mi (156.8km)
Lewiston, NY 36.9mi (59.4km) 11.5mi (18.5km) 42.7mi (68.7km)
Lindsay, ON 58.7mi (94.5km) 91.9mi (148.0km) 118.0mi (190.0km)
Lockport, NY 48.0mi (77.2km) 15.1mi (24.3km) 37.2mi (59.9km)
London, ON 103.0mi (166.0km) 117.0mi (188.0km) 135.0mi (217.0km)
Marilla, NY 69.9mi (112.5km) 23.1mi (37.2km) 13.8mi (22.2km)
Medina, NY 58.7mi (94.4km) 30.2mi (48.6km) 41.9mi (67.4km)
Milton, ON 26.2mi (42.2km) 58.5mi (94.1km) 88.0mi (141.6km)
Markham, ON 18.1mi (29.1km) 61.4mi (98.8km) 91.6mi (147.4km)
Middleport, NY 54.5mi (87.7km) 25.8mi (41.5km) 40.4mi (65.0km)
Mississauga, ON 12.8mi (20.6km) 52.0mi (83.7km) 82.9mi (133.4km)
Newmarket, ON 29.1mi (46.8km) 76.3mi (122.8km) 107.0mi (172.2km)
Niagara Falls, ON 40.9mi (65.8km) 9.5mi (15.3km) 39.5mi (63.6km)
Niagara Falls, NY 41.0mi (33.1km) 7.7mi (12.4km) 38.7mi (62.3km)
North Tanawanda, NY 49.5mi (79.6km) 2.0mi (3.2km) 30.2mi (48.6km)
Oakville, ON 19.2mi (30.9km) 47.5mi (76.4km) 82.5mi (132.7km)
Orangeville, ON 40.0mi (64.4km) 85.0mi (136.8km) 115.0mi (185.1km)
Orchard Park, NY 68.6mi (110.4km) 20.2mi (32.5km) 10.8mi (17.4km)
Orono, ON 44.9mi (72.3km) 67.1mi (108.0km) 92.5mi (148.9km)
Oshawa, ON 32.0mi (51.5km) 60.4mi (97.2km) 88.4mi (142.2km)
City/TownToronto CN TowerBuffalo Grand IslandBuffalo South (ABC)
Paris, ON 58.7mi (94.4km) 74.8mi (120.4km) 97.3mi (156.6km)
Peterborough, ON 70.0mi (112.7km) 92.8mi (149.3km) 116.0mi (186.7km)
Pickering, ON 20.1mi (32.3km) 56.4mi (90.7km) 86.0mi (138.4km)
Port Colborne, ON 52.0mi (83.7km) 19.3mi (31.1km) 36.5mi (58.7km)
Port Hope, ON 59.2mi (95.3km) 71.0mi (114.2km) 92.8mi (154.1km)
Port Rowan, ON 88.5mi (142.4km) 82.5mi (132.8km) 93.1mi (149.8km)
Randolph, NY 37.5mi (60.4km) 60.0mi (96.6km) 104.0mi (167.4km)
Scarborough, ON 11.1mi (17.9km) 53.9mi (86.7km) 84.6mi (136.2km)
Simcoe, ON 72.5mi (116.7km) 71.3mi (114.7km) 86.6mi (139.4km)
Springville, NY 86.5mi (139.2km) 38.5mi (61.9km) 8.9mi (14.3km)
St. Catharines, ON 33.0mi (53.1km) 18.7mi (30.0km) 48.5mi (78.0km)
Stoney Creek, ON 34.0mi (54.7km) 43.5mi (70.0km) 69.6mi (112.0km)
Sutton, ON 45.4mi (73.2km) 90.5mi (145.6km) 120.0mi (193.1km)
Toronto, ON 0.9mi (1.4km) 49.2mi (79.2km) 80.5mi (129.5km)
Richmond Hill, ON 14.6mi (23.5km) 61.5mi (99.0km) 92.4mi (149.7km)
Rochester, NY 94.6mi (152.2km) 66.5mi (106.9km) 62.5mi (100.6km)
Rockwood, ON 37.9mi (61.0km) 73.8mi (118.8km) 102.0mi (164.2km)
Vaughn, ON 14.5mi (23.3km) 62.2mi (100.1km) 93.5mi (150.4km)
Waterdown, ON 33.0mi (53.1km) 53.4mi (85.9km) 80.5mi (129.6km)
Waterloo, ON 58.5mi (94.1km) 87.8mi (141.3km) 114.0mi (183.5km)
Welland, ON 45.7mi (73.5km) 16.7mi (26.9km) 40.4mi (65.0km)
West Seneca, NY 64.4mi (103.6km) 16.1mi (25.9km) 15.6mi (25.1km)
Whitby, ON 28.2mi (45.4km) 58.7mi (94.4km) 87.6mi (140.9km)
Whitchurch Stouffville, ON 23.3mi (37.5km) 67.1mi (108.0km) 97.2mi (156.4km)
Woodstock, ON 77.4mi (124.6km) 93.0mi (149.7km) 113.0mi (181.9km)

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