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For: Pronto TSU9600
By: Noel Blackman
Aura Contest Entry Update
An update to my Pronto Professional contest entry with changes made to the buttons transparency so they work correctly. The buttons worked perfect in the emulator, but not on the actual remote as 100% transparent areas are ignored. This caused 90%+ of the buttons in Aura to not respond. All have been fixed and tested to work perfectly. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Updated: March 09, 2008  Size: 2.54mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: Blaez
Blaez's Device Based XCF File
If you were previously using a remote like the Pronto TSU2000, which we were using before upgrading to the TSU9600, then you may have gotten used to going to individual devices that were actually the remotes for the equipment in your system. This system XCF file is based on running all devices with macros, but having a remote available for fine tuning all aspects of the device being used, as well as using buttons to get back and forth between devicess, like Cable and TV. All device remotes can also easily be accessed from a menu page of Devices on the Home Menu. There is an included Help File that explains the remote's use and functions to all users. Elements used were simply from the ProntoEdit Professional program and the "" web site.
Updated: November 06, 2007  Size: 6.05mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: Tom Molstad
Contest Entry #01: Roger Wilco 2099
A retro, sci-fi-inspired interface featuring:

  • Eye popping, colorful 3D graphics!
  • A variety of button shapes and sizes.
  • Multi-colored background to mix things up.
  • Button templates to help maintain constant button placement.
  • Intergraded channel logo buttons.
  • Greeble and gizmos accents to help customize and make every page unique.
  • Background accents to help define logical user spaces.
  • All original Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightwave files available to customize even further.
Updated: April 29, 2007  Size: 7.24mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: André du Fresne
Contest Entry #02: Prototypes
GRAND PRIZE WINNER! The idea behind Prototypes is: how might a hard-buttoned remote control look if it were designed specifically for watching TV, DVD or PVR?

Change stations from an elegant chrome sphere placed on your couch table, control your DVD player via a device that is quite similar to today’s business phones, or switch your PVR with a PDA-like gadget. Or wouldn’t a keychain remote control for your receiver be pretty cool?

Prototypes features elegant near-photorealistic graphics, dynamic transitions, help screens for every device and intuitive navigation. If you don’t own a TSU9600 to test this on, please don’t only watch the graphics on the simulator, but take a peek at the full resolution graphics.

I hope you like this design – any feedback would be gladly appreciated!

Updated: April 29, 2007  Size: 19.38mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: Richard Lass
Contest Entry #03: Drop-Down Simple
The basic concept for this configuration is to mimic drop-down menus. Any device can be accessed and controlled from any page on the remote. This method is very straight forward and universally understood by anyone who used a computer making it very easy for friends, family, or children to pick up and use with little instruction.

As the rules suggested, I focused on graphics and navigation rather than making sure it had working codes and macros everywhere. All graphics were done with Photoshop and with a couple of master PSDs, adding or changing graphical elements is very easy. I attempted to place the most commonly used commands on hard buttons to avoid using the screen as much as possible.

I had planned on using recorded voice-overs instead of text for “HELP” prompts, but ecided to skip this for now as the simulator will not play them back. I also no longer think it’s necessary, as this configuration is “Drop-Down Simple”!

Updated: April 29, 2007  Size: 2.06mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: Noel Blackman
Contest Entry #04: Simplify
FIFTH RUNNER UP! Most small systems consist of only a few devices like a receiver, cable/sat box, DVD player, CD Changer and a video game system. There are included pages for lighting control, audio, and video adjustments as well. You can quickly program this template for your own system or for one of your customers and is self explanatory using activity buttons that are highlighted on each source page so you will always know where you are.

By placing the activity buttons on every page, this design takes advantage of systems that may not include an RF base. If you choose an activity and the IR command didn't get to the device, you can simply choose the activity a second time without having to back to the home page and select the button again. This design is very customer friendly and was intentionally designed to have less buttons on the source control pages by using the only the most commonly used commands for each device. There are additional sized buttons to copy and paste in case you need to include more functions or change a device page.

Updated: April 29, 2007  Size: 1.06mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: Scott Grimes
Contest Entry #05: XPronto SCUBA Edition
SECOND PLACE WINNER! The following file is based on my SCUBA-themed configuration that I use for my Marantz RC9500. However, all of the graphics have been completely redone to accommodate the Pronto TSU9600 graphics capabilities (when importing the PCF file into the Pronto Professional program all the graphics became very tiny). Because the remote uses a widescreen display, I decided to base the page navigation within each device on the XBOX 360 dashboard. You navigate the tabs (or also known as ‘blades’ for those familiar with the XBOX 360) by using the page up and down buttons located to the left of the screen. The ‘blades’ themselves are currently not active (i.e., cannot be directly accessed by pressing on them), but will become so at a later date when I have more time to complete the file.

I am an avid SCUBA diver and so the background pictures are themed after this. However, with not too much difficulty, the pictures can be changed to whatever you wish.

The Home page will allow you to: 1) power the entire system down, 2) access power for all devices in the system, 2) access to lighting control and drapes, 4) the remote setup page –... (more)

Updated: April 29, 2007  Size: 26.85mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: Jean-Michel Rendu
Contest Entry #06: Simplicity
My user interface is called Simplicity, and it provides easy control over environment lighting through the Pronto’s hard buttons – which are also used to provide easy channel time shifting with only three keys, Pause, Play and Stop (the DVR is not directly accessible and is only used for time shifting). The Canal Satellite layout is full of favorite channels sorted by genre. Graphics are particularly easy to understand.

Advanced macros will turn on necessary devices (plasma TV, DVD, amplifier, etc.) and turn off unused ones (DVR, etc.) whenever a video source is selected, while selecting audio will turn off video devices (DVR, etc.) and power the amplifier.

Updated: April 29, 2007  Size: 1.22mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: Noel Blackman
Contest Entry #07: Aura
THIRD PLACE WINNER! Aura is a very flexible design that can be used for personal projects as well as professional programmer’s clients. You can create any background you like to customize the template or choose one of ten different colored backgrounds I made especially for this design. There are extra pre-made pages for Blu-ray, HD-DVD, QWERTY keyboard, plus an alternative to the Lutron page for lighting control for those who like to use the IR codes.

Adding buttons or creating new devices is very easy, there are eight pages of different size, dual state buttons and extra device icons which are pre-arranged that you can simply copy and paste into the correct position for a newly created activity. This design uses as much of the page as possible while minimizing the negative space between buttons and the need for multiple pages.

Updated: April 29, 2007  Size: 1.74mb

For: Pronto TSU9600
By: David Beck
Contest Entry #08: Black Magic
I really love the sleek design of the new Pronto TSU9600 and wanted to come up with a configuration file that complements its clean, edgy look, but is straightforward and easy to navigate.

In the design, I have tried to simulate commonplace yet modern materials and textures and use them in an otherworldly context. A sense of space and motion add to the realism that I wanted to achieve in the file, but more importantly, I hope your imagination is fired by what I’ve come up with. My planned future addition of .wav files will hopefully heighten the sense of “unreal reality”.

Apart from the .wav files the file isn’t fully realized (focus on the Cinema and Audio options when you’re testing it out...). I’ll be working hard to get the configuration finished, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll give Black Magic a go on your simulator (or the real thing if you’re lucky enough to already have one...) and enjoy the direction I'm heading!

Updated: April 29, 2007  Size: 26.18mb
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