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AX Remote Editor v1.0
For: Sony RM-AX4000
Sony's official software editing application for the RM-AX4000 PC programmable universal remote control.
Updated: October 05, 2005  Size: 7.83mb
RM-AX1400 12-Device Config
For: Sony RM-AX1400
By: Guy Lambert
This is a 12 device and 4 express function file for the RM-AX1400 Remote. It allows you to control more products than the supplied software.
Updated: November 04, 2008  Size: 24kb
RM-AX1400 12-Device/4-Xpress Config
For: Sony RM-AX1400
By: Guy Lambert
This is a 12 device config file for the RM-AX1400 remote. It allows you to have more components than the original software limit of 8 devices.
Updated: November 04, 2008  Size: 19kb
RM-NX7000 Channel Icons
188 television station logos in 70x87 resolution and BMP format for the Sony RM-NX7000. Includes pressed and normal state versions.
For: Sony RM-NX7000
By: Wuje Kim
Updated: March 31, 2009  Size: 2.15mb
Sony AX & NX Series with Vista
By: Guy Lambert
Instructions on how to use the supplied software with a PC running Vista.
Updated: March 01, 2009  Size: 103kb
Sony BDP-S1E Discrete Codes
By: Guy Lambert
This file has been formated for use with the Sony RM-AX1400 remote, the codes can also be used on there other range of PC programmable remotes such as RM-AX4000/A and RM-NX7000. The codes contained are for the Sony BDP-S1E player and should also work for their other models as well. Details on how to use the codes are in this thread.
Updated: February 27, 2009  Size: 1kb
Sony PC Programmable Remote Format Generator
By: Guy Lambert
This spreadsheet allows a user to input a CCF file and outputs the data in a format that the RM-AX1400, RM-AX4000 and RM-NX7000 understands.
Updated: April 22, 2008  Size: 292kb
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