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The Great Pronto Professional Design Contest
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The Great Philips Pronto Professional XCF Design Contest
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Contest Entry #1
“Roger Wilco 2099”

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A retro, sci-fi-inspired interface featuring:

  • Eye popping, colorful 3D graphics!
  • A variety of button shapes and sizes.
  • Multi-colored background to mix things up.
  • Button templates to help maintain constant button placement.
  • Intergraded channel logo buttons.
  • Greeble and gizmos accents to help customize and make every page unique.
  • Background accents to help define logical user spaces.
  • All original Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightwave files available to customize even further.

Contest Entry #2

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GRAND PRIZE WINNER! The idea behind Prototypes is: how might a hard-buttoned remote control look if it were designed specifically for watching TV, DVD or PVR?

Change stations from an elegant chrome sphere placed on your couch table, control your DVD player via a device that is quite similar to today’s business phones, or switch your PVR with a PDA-like gadget. Or wouldn’t a keychain remote control for your receiver be pretty cool?

Prototypes features elegant near-photorealistic graphics, dynamic transitions, help screens for every device and intuitive... (read more)

Contest Entry #3
“Drop-Down Simple”

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The basic concept for this configuration is to mimic drop-down menus. Any device can be accessed and controlled from any page on the remote. This method is very straight forward and universally understood by anyone who used a computer making it very easy for friends, family, or children to pick up and use with little instruction.

As the rules suggested, I focused on graphics and navigation rather than making sure it had working codes and macros everywhere. All graphics were done with Photoshop and with a couple of master PSDs, adding or changing graphical elements is very easy. I attempted... (read more)

Contest Entry #4

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FIFTH RUNNER UP! Most small systems consist of only a few devices like a receiver, cable/sat box, DVD player, CD Changer and a video game system. There are included pages for lighting control, audio, and video adjustments as well. You can quickly program this template for your own system or for one of your customers and is self explanatory using activity buttons that are highlighted on each source page so you will always know where you are.

By placing the activity buttons on every page, this design takes advantage of systems that may not include an RF... (read more)

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