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International CES 2000 Report
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2000 International CES Report

 Sharp USA 

New VCRs
Sharp was displaying a brand new VCR lineup for 2000, with a total of 10 models. New 4-head HiFi VHS models include the $130 VC-H818U with a backlit "pager" universal remote for $130 in April and the VC-H815U with a standard remote for $120 in March. Both feature 19-micron heads, VCR Plus+, 400X high-speed rewind, front A/V inputs, exact timer recording and remaining timer display. Other HiFi models are available for prices ranging down to $100.

Super Audio CD
Sharp will be introducing a Super Audio CD player and special 1-bit amplifier during the third quarter of 2000. The DX-SX1 SACD player features a die-cast aluminum CD tray and a chassis made from galvanized die-case metal. It utilizes a super-thin dual-beam optical pickup and can provide a dynamic range greater than 105dB. The SM-SX1 stereo amp provides 50 watts per channel. It uses the 1-Bit Delta Sigma modulator and advanced noise shaping to process the analogue signal at a rate 64 times that of traditional CD PCM systems – 2.8 million times per second, offering a reproduction range between 5Hz and 100kHz. The result is sound as close to the original source as possible. Prices have not yet been set for these two items.

Mini Systems
Several new powerful mini systems with 3-CD changers and double-cassette decks will be released this year, beginning with the CD-PC3500 and CD-BA2100 in February 2000. The CD-PC3500 comes with Dolby Pro-Logic decoding and 180 watts of power – 60 watts for the front left/right channels and 30 watts for the center and rear. The CD-BA2100 stereo system offers 100 watts per channel, optical output for a MD recorder and a 4-way speaker system. Both provide large fluorescent displays, rotary volume control, a 6-mode electronic equalizer, X-Bass and full function remotes. These models will be available for $300 and $250, respectively.

High-Tech Displays
A new proprietary LCD technology, Continuous Grain Silicon LCD, was being demonstrated in a 60" high-definition rear projection display. The LC-R60HDU integrates three 2.6"-wide CG-Silicon TFT LCD panels with a total resolution of 3.93 million pixels. It provides a high brightness and contrast levels level – 1000cm/m˛ and 400:1 – resulting in a superb image, even in high ambient light conditions. The new CG-Silicon process uses a thin film of silicon, formed on a substrate using state-of-the-art solid-phase techniques. CG-Silicon retains an atomic-level continuity at the boundary between the silicon grain, enabling electrons to travel through the semiconductor approximately 600 times faster than a traditional amorphous silicon TFT display, and four times faster than low-temperature polysilicon TFTs. The LC-R60HDU will be available in the first quarter of 2000 for just under $50,000.

A new widescreen HDTV-capable projector will be available this spring. The XV-DW100U uses three 1.3" polysilicon TFT LCD panels with 1024x768 resolution to project images from 40 to 300 inches. It has a 1:13 power zoom/focus lens, 1000 ANSI lumens, 400:1 contrast ratio and a 3D Y/C digital comb filter. Inputs are provided for composite, S-Video and RGB sources. It has a suggested retail price of $10,995.

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In the Design Innovations section of CES Sharp was displaying the LC-20VM2U 20" LCD monitor, which includes composite, S-Video, component and PC VGA inputs. It incorporates a "wide area video chroma IC", digital comb filter and a high-quality stereo audio system. This snazzy display will be available in February 2000 at a suggested list price of $5999.

Last but not least, Sharp also announced a new 50 inch 16:9 HDTV plasma panel, which can display a native 720P image. The LC-PD50U has a depth of less than 4 inches and weighs less than 100 pounds. Sharp’s new "waffle structure rib" panel technology provides an outstanding contrast ratio of 600:1 plus a brightness level of 225cd/m˛. The panel can also enhance conventional signal sources such as DVD and LD players with up to 8 times the pixel density and includes component video input and the ability to display computer XGA signals. It will be available in the first quarter of 2000 at a suggested retail price of $20,995.

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