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2000 International CES Report

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In other remote news, Lexicon was displaying their 700t touch panel, released a year or so ago. The 700t has a large LCD screen and can control any infrared device up to 30 feet away, ranging from 20kHz to 460kHz. The remote is designed to be programmed by a dealer, however Lexicon offers the PC software free of charge on their web site. The remote essentially starts off as a blank slate, allowing programmers to do pretty much anything they like. The 700t is available in an IR-only or IR & RF version; the RF version allows you to use it up to 100 feet away from the basestation. It has the capability to be wired to a Xantech distribution system, or be hardwired in the installation. Cost of the IR version, including programming, is approximately $2500.

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Niles was also showing their venerable IntelliControl home theater automation system. The IntelliControl is an RF table-top remote with 43 buttons that controls a behind-the-scenes device that surveys the actual power status of all components via video and 12V "syncing" connections. This keeps all devices in complete power sync. It can handle a TV, receiver and up to 10 sources, including automated mute control to avoid ear-splitting surprises. The system can handle up to 312 macros with 26 steps each, up to 250 IR codes (520 with memory upgrade) and IR frequencies from 20kHz to 150kHz plus 455kHz. The controller has an RF range up to 100 feet and is 7 x 5 x 4" in dimensions and weighs 1lb 9oz with three "D" batteries. Approximate cost is $1200 without required dealer programming.

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From Taiwan comes this cute little LCD remote. Although the remote is currently not available in an English version, it does appear quite interesting. The same company manufacturers quite a range of buttoned remotes, from credit-card size up.

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Finally, itís hard to tell whether the Hy-Tek Tek Partner is best described as a "novelty" or "special purpose" remote. Whichever, itís absolutely massive with 3/4" buttons and dimensions of 5.5" x 8.5" x 2.5". Available in two versions, all buttons feature backlighting. The rotated "H" version can control up to four devices, the capital "I" version up to five (with slightly smaller buttons). Other features include easy programming, code retention during battery changes and Ė I quote Ė itís "virtually impossible to misplace or lose". Its 4AA batteries should last for one year, and the remote weighs approximately 12 ounces.

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