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International CES 2000 Report
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2000 International CES Report

 Pioneer Home Electronics 

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CD-RW Recorder
Pioneer announced several new home theater components at this year’s show. To begin, they are releasing the PDR-W739 3 CD + CD-R/RW player/recorder. This product combines a 3 CD changer with a 2X audio CD recorder than can make perfect digital recordings of entire CDs, or "best-of" discs. It utilizes a Burr Brown D/A converter and specialized circuitry that identifies the blank disc converter and optimizes laser output for optimum recording quality. The PDR-W739 is available now and has a suggested retail price of $725.

Giga CD Changers
Pioneer released three new 301 Giga CD changers. The PD-F1009 and PD-F1039 both offer CD-RW compatibility, title input, CD text capability and 5 custom filing modes. The PD-F1039 can be linked to another player, offering storage for up to 602 discs. It also features improved programming options, a headphone jack and CD-Deck Synchro mode which makes recording your favorite tracks easier. They both will be available in February for $325 and $375 respectively. Also announced was the Elite PD-F27 301 disc changer which is powered by a Burr Brown 24-bit D/A system, built-in Hi-Bit processor to improve signal resolution and remove extremely low noise from 16-bit CDs, Elite’s Legato Link conversion process which restores frequencies above 20kHz, all housed in their trademark high-gloss finish. It also features keyboard input, optical and coaxial digital outputs, CD text, 10 custom filing modes and the capability to control a second 301 disc changer. It will be available in March for an undisclosed amount.

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301-Disc DVD Changers
New to Pioneer are the world’s first 301 disc CD/DVD changers, the Pioneer DV-F727 and Elite DV-F07. Both feature a unique on-screen cataloging system which can sort discs by format (CD or DVD), title or disc number. As discs are loaded an Auto Update feature scans and decides whether it is a DVD or CD and checks to see if it contains CD or DVD text information. As with their other giga changers, both can control a second unit for a total capacity of 602 discs. They also offer component, S-Video and composite outputs, plus optical and coaxial digital outputs for passing on Dolby Digital, DTS or 96kHz 24-bit audio information to an outboard receiver. Both include Virtual Dolby Digital processing for surround sound without the need for rear speakers and can be controlled by the supplied remote, and keyboard or mouse via the front-panel PS/2 connector. The Elite DV-F07 also features Elite’s Hi-Bit Conversion process with Legato Link, which requantizes a CD’s 16-bit resolution into an equivalent 24-bit resolution, plus an RS-232 serial port for connection to a PC or disc management system. The DV-F727 is available now for $1100, while the Elite DV-F07 will be available in February at a suggested retail price of $1300 with Elite’s trademark Urushi high-gloss black finish and rosewood side panels.

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New Receivers
Announced were two affordably priced receivers, both with Dolby Digital, Pro Logic and DTS decoding. The VSX-D509S and VSX-D409 both offer 500 watts total power, Advanced Theater DSP modes, 5.1 channel analog input, 3 digital inputs and pre-amp outputs for center and surround channels. The D509S includes 3 audio and 4 video inputs plus 2 audio, 2 video and 1 digital outputs. It also features 4 S-Video inputs and 2 outputs and comes with a learning remote control. The D409 steps down to 3 video inputs, no S-Video switching or digital output and includes a pre-programmed remote control. Both will be available in February with suggested retail prices of $435 and $380 respectively.

New Tape Deck
Also announced in the audio category was the CT-W208R dual well cassette deck with auto reverse play/record, Dolby B, C and HX Pro noise reduction, high-speed dubbing, music skip search and fluorescent display. It will be available in February for $220.

High-End HDTV
Pioneer was displaying a new 64" rear projection HDTV set that brings a new level of quality to the HDTV world. It features PureCinema film detection, which detects an NTSC 3/2 film-based source and recreates each individual still film frame, accurately reproducing images close to the original source quality. The PRO-710HD features a 64" diagonal 16x9 aspect ratio and NTSC to 480 progressive conversion which is said to increase the picture quality from DVD, LD and Satellite sources up to eight times by doubling the interlaced signal to 640x480, then redoubling it both vertically and horizontally. A new 72-point adjustable convergence system allows for a virtually distortion free picture. It also offers high-resolution CRTs with fine .52mm pitch screens, a default 6500 degree Kelvin color temperature setting, an expansion slot for adding the optional SH-D09 HDTV tuner pack ($2500) and dual NTSC tuners with picture-in-picture. The Scan Velocity Modulation function can be adjusted or disabled, while the 3D Comb Filter and Noise Reduction can be customized to one of 5 levels each. Audio Screen Mode senses the incoming signal and chooses the correct screen mode. The set features dual component/progressive RCA inputs as well as a D-Sub 15 RGB connection. It will be available in February at a suggested retail price of $8300.

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