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International CES 2000 Report
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2000 International CES Report


Advanced Home Distribution
Leviton announced a new Structured Media Center that provides a centralized, expandable center for telephone, data distribution, computer, internet, networking, coaxial cable, satellite and audio, video and security signals. Via a stackable design and using modular snap-in components, the new centers can be upgraded as new connectors are required. Basic Communication Modules are the building blocks and are designed for multi-line telephone service, the internet, security and other home automation systems. The Structured Cabling Units service as a central wiring and distribution point for coaxial cable, telephone, video, networking and home office applications.

Advanced Video Distribution Components are designed to distribute clean, powerful broadband video signals across multi-room systems using extended cable runs and include bi-directional compatibility. Multimedia and Audio/Video Distribution Modules are designed to eliminate the "weak links" that can plague audio/video and multimedia systems. It consists of a Decora Media System hub with send and receive units, a basic audio block for multi-room music and interfaces for Levitonís new Decora Digital Volume Control. The Structured Media Ethernet Hub is a networking center for an entire office and includes 10Base-T connectors and uplink ports. Finally, the Dual Outlet Power Block accommodates drop-in surge protection to provide clean power.

Decora Media System
A new Decora Media System can replace expensive "designer" cables with inexpensive Category 5 UTP cable to distribute line-level audio/video signals up to 1000 feet. The system is ideal for DVD players, CD jukeboxes, satellite receivers or any other source, and will be available in March 2000.

Digital Volume Control
The new Digital Volume Control System complements any Decora-style wall switches with an all-digital rocker-style volume control and replaces traditional transformer-based rotary controls. Up to three switches connect to an Interface Module using ordinary RJ-45 cable. Since the speaker and amplifier wiring are not directly connected to the volume control, the system is simple to install and wire. An LED displays the selected volume and muting status and features a default setting to prevent high-volume surprises when music is first turned on.

New Lighting Control Products
Leviton is releasing a wide range of new products with the latest technology to control everything from dimming to fan speed control. A brief rundown of the line includes the Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh multi-location dimmers. The Monet provide digital control of up to 6 programmable lighting scenes in a low-profile design ad includes fade on/off control. The Scene Selector, Scene Maker and Murial are all multi-location scene devices that can create complex lighting designs. New touch-control products include the True Touch, Touchpoint and Toggletouch which provide full-range dimming with no moving parts. The Illumatech, Sureslide and Trimatron round off the list as traditional dimming controls.

A new DHC high-wattage X-10 dimmer is also available that can handle up to 1000 watta. The 6343 can be used with incandescent and magnetic low-voltage loads in single-pole and three-way applications. It also provides scene lighting control when combined with the new DHC Touchscreen Programmable Controller (#26311) or DHC Wall-Mounted Scene Controller (#16400/16450S).

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