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International CES 2000 Report
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2000 International CES Report


New DVD Player
JVC announced a new DVD player to their lineup – the XV-523GD. It offers a 10-bit/27MHz video D/A converter, 96kHz P.E.M D.D. converter, 8-times oversampling digital filter, an improved noise reducer and 3D-Phonic virtual surround sound. The 523GD has an intuitive user interface and an illuminated remote that guides users through various operations. The player includes component, S-Video and composite video outputs as well as coaxial and optical digital outputs and will be available in April for a suggested price of $350.

New Flagship Receiver
A new receiver will also be released this April for a suggested price of $750. The RX-9000VBK is JVC’s new flagship 5-channel receiver and employs Advanced Super A design amplifiers with 100 watts per channel. With built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, the RX-9000VBK also includes 5.1 analog inputs and has multi-room/multi-source capabilities. 5 video (including 4 S-Video), four audio, one coaxial and three optical digital inputs are featured along with a RF/IR multi-brand remote control.

New CD Recorder
JVC will be releasing a new CD-R/RW and 3-disc changer combination deck with digital dubbing capabilities this spring. Users will have ultimate control with the XL-R5000BK’s ability to program from up to three CDs in the triple-tray changer, mix in voice from a microphone or use the optical digital or line jacks. A +-12 percent pitch control and 1-bit P.E.M. D.D. converter and 32kHz/48kHz sampling rater converter is also included. The recorder mechanism and record CD-R and CD-RW discs at 2X speed. The player is compatible with JVC’s COMPU LINK capability and can pass on CD Text or programmed title information to compatible equipment. It will be available in April at an MSRP of $650.

Two new D-Series rear projection 4:3 televisions will be released in the 2000 model year. The 50" AV-50D501 and 60" AV-60D501 will be available in April for $2199 and May for $2699, respectively. Both models include high-resolution CRTs and component video inputs to accommodate future digital signals. A 3D digital Y/C comb filter minimizes picture anomalies and removes "dot crawl" and "hanging dots". Both models are equipped with dual-tuner PIP and POP and include three A/V inputs with S-Video, Dual RF, video out and fixed/varible audio out. On the audio front, both models include front-firing dual speakers with surround sound driven by 10 watts per channel. A new illuminated universal remote control makes using the sets easy.

JVC introduced a breakthrough rear projection television at this year’s show – the AV-61S901 D’Ahlia with a 61" 16:9 screen. The D’Ahlia is capable of producing 1280x1028 resolution, making it compatible with 1080I digital broadcasting (via external DTV decoder), all with a wide angle of visibility and incredible brightness. D-ILA (Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) Hologram Device is a leading-edge technology that allows a 1.22" device to produce a full 1280x1024 pixel image. This was made possible by combining the basic D-ILA technology, as perfected in the professional market, with a new Color Hologram that divides light into R/G/B components using a thin film layer. By using a reflective technology that bounces 93% of the used light off pixels, a image is produced that won’t require the user to dim the room. The set includes an impressive audio including a pair of 10cm full-range stereo speakers plus two 16cm superwoofers, a built-in 50w amplifier and Dolby 3D Phonic circuitry to produce virtual surround sound. It includes a wide variety of inputs – 3 S-Video A/V inputs plus 1 output, 1 front-panel S-Video input and 2 component inputs. Exact availability and pricing has not yet been set.

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