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Virtual CEDIA Expo 2004 Report
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2004 CEDIA Expo Report

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Remote Technologies Inc.

Although the three main new remotes shown at their CEDIA booth this year were also shown last year, progress has been made. The T1 and T2+ hard buttoned models were in prototype form last year, with a temporary case, while the T3 was only seen behind glass. This year we got to see finished T1 and T2+ hardware – hardware that looks pretty good.

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The T2+, for instance, is an enhanced version of the venerable T2. It includes 50% more memory (256kb), media management, a different hard button layout, USB communications, RF capabilities, a lithium polymer battery and docking station.

The T1 is a simplified version of the T2+, lacking the LCD screen. In the display’s place are additional hard buttons such as 8 device keys and transport controls. The remotes had a nice, quality feel to them enhanced by thin, lightweight designs and bright backlighting. Both feature computer programmability via TheaterTouch Designer 2.0. The T1 is expected to cost $299, while the T2+ will retail for $599.

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The full-color T3 was displayed in a form much like the T1 and T2+ were last year – prototype with an unfinished case, but operational. The T3 includes a rather sophisticated set of features, such as a 200MHz Intel XScale processor, 32mb non-volatile memory, WiFi option, USB port, 3.5” 65,000 color TFT display backlit with white LEDs, pickup sensor, sixteen customizable hard buttons, RF capabilities, lithium polymer battery and docking station plus an overall thickness of just 1.1”.

Other remote features include infrared code learning frequencies of 15kHz to 460kHz, blue/amber LED button backlighting, A new version TheaterTouch Designer has been created which will support custom graphics and animation. The T3 is expected to retail for $1299 USD and will be available in the beginning of 2005.


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If the remote in this picture looks familiar, that’s because it should be. Crestron’s version of the Home Theater Master MX-3000 is called the MiniTouch MT-1000. The MT-1000 features a 3.8” TFT display, lithium ion battery and docking station, 11 hard buttons plus a 4-way thumbpad, 16-bit Isys color graphics and specialized programming software.

Like Crestron’s specialized versions of other remotes, the MT-1000 is also designed to fully integrate with their control systems via long range 418MHz 1-way RF communications.

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