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ATI Remote Wonder II Review
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10/17/19 - Two DACs, a delay module and extender kit highlight new offerings.
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ATI Remote Wonder II Features:

RF technology for non-directional control of any Windows or Mac computer system through walls or cabinet doors, up to 60 feet away!

Standard remote control size and layout offers familiar control of any computerís multimedia functions.

50 hard buttons: plus an 8-way mouse cursor control (16-way for Mac), numerical keypad, 5-way menu buttons and transport control.

Control background applications: four user customizable hard buttons switch the remote to controlling specified applications, no matter which program is currently in the foreground.

6 customizable buttons: can be programmed with numerous functions for individual applications or can be configured to launch a specific program.

USB support: the included RF receiver plugs into any USB 1.1 port.

Windows drivers add:

Controls basic Windows functions such as mouse cursor, left and right mouse buttons, dragging, scrolling, volume control, window size and more.

Supports program plug-ins for customized control of various multimedia and presentation applications. Currently ships with plug-ins for Powerpoint and Winamp, while others can be downloaded online.

ATI button for direct control of ATIís Easylook HTPC interface for the Multimedia Center program.

ATI Remote Wonder II

Mac drivers add:

Controls basic Mac functions such as mouse cursor, left and right mouse buttons, dragging, volume control and more.

Unlimited program profiles: any program can have a user-creatable profile assigned to it.

Custom configure any button: almost every button on the Remote Wonder II can be customized with specific functions. Launch programs, open files, control keyboard shortcuts and more!

Enhanced mouse cursor control: offers 16 directions and fully customizable speed and acceleration settings.

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