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RCA RCRP05B universal remote on Magnavox MDV437 DVD.... Code?
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Post 1 made on Friday January 1, 2010 at 15:42
Lurking Member
January 2010
I have tried all 9 of the codes that are listed for this Magnavox DVD but no luck there. I bought the DVD player at Meijer ~2-3 yrs ago.
I tried code search, using both Power and play keys with CH+/- and went as far as pressing CH+ 2500 times (dedicated, committed or stupid.... you decide!). All that I have to show for my sore thumb is code 0782 which gives "minimal functionality" i.e. the Power button will invoke a Stop command with this code on the DVD button. I also got code 410 to make the Play button open the tray.
Point is the unit will listen to IR. The factory Magnavox remote worked fine until I spilled coffee on it last week... DOH!

I do not have a JP1 cable.

I was able to use code search for the Insignia TV sucessfully because the listed codes didn't do anything. My Insignia model NS-20LCD liked code 1454 on TV.
I finally got the "DTV Pal" digital broadcast converter to work- but it wouldn't go on the DVR/AUX button per the instructions so I put the 2470 code on the alternate listed SAT/CAB button instead. All good there. So now I'm hooked- but the seminal need was for the DVD to have a remote- it won't work without one and I killed the original I can't use that one for learning cause its dead.

So I am clearly new to this universal remote world, in terms of discrete codes, but I do know how to put the codes in, and read them out i.e. read directions and obey the flashing lights....

It just seems very odd that a "big" brand like Magnavox with 9 codes listed for DVD players ranging from 0503 to 1506 wouldn't cover this unit. Perhaps a typo? Is there an additional set of codes somewhere? I already visited and called the 800 number to no avail... polite enough but unable to do more than read 9 codes off of the instructions and tell me it won't work.

Any thoughts, including "no way- return the RCRP05B" would be appreciated.
I was surprised to learn that this $13 unit is actually cabable of programming on my PC... but I already have a hobby and would prefer to keep it simple if there's a 4 digit code. I noticed that there is a sister unit at One For All called the OFAP05S.... would their codes work???

HNY and thanks.

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Post 2 made on Friday January 1, 2010 at 17:32
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August 2009
Can you clarify "I also got code 410 to make the Play button open the tray"? There is no code 0410/1410/2410. I'm hopeful that whatever the "410" code is, it turns out to be the same IR protocol as 0782 (NEC1, device 1). If it is, then you can test various button codes, and we may even have some suggestions.

Magnavox is a famous name, and it is in fact a "brand"-- they don't actually make anything. So there are tons of different IR protocols used by Magnavox equipment.
OP | Post 3 made on Friday January 1, 2010 at 19:23
Lurking Member
January 2010
YES, 410 was incorrect even though that's what my notes say. I tried to put that code in and could not get the confirming flashes. Occasionally I will think that I put a code in and did not actually witness the double flash confirming it. But code 0782 on the DVD/VCR button definitley will toggle between play and stop on the DVD player- is a single code helpful or should I go back and find another code before you can help?
Post 4 made on Friday January 1, 2010 at 20:19
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August 2009
No, it will be more productive to go forward with just what you have. Some background: a setup code has three main aspects: 1) the IR protocol, which is the pattern of light flashes that define zero and ones. 2) a device number, and 3) function numbers that are associated with individual buttons. Setup code 0782 means NEC1 protocol, device 1. Obviously the function numbers in 0782 don't match what your DVD player expects. For UEI remotes, including the RCRP05B, the function numbers (called EFCs or advanced codes) are known for each setup code. I looked up the EFC for Power on 0782, which turns out to be 00106, and then searched for other setup codes that are NEC1, device 1, and which assign 00106 to Stop. There aren't any.

We expect that the possible EFCs run from 00000 to 00255, so it is practical to search exhaustively and discover the function performed by any of the 256 possible EFCs.

First, here is the procedure to test any EFC. Assign setup code 0782. Then, 1) press Setup briefly, and 2) enter in the EFC. When you enter the 5th digit, the remote will send that command to the DVD player. Start at 00000 and work your way through the 256 EFCs.  Shoot 00106 at the beginning of testing to convince yourself that you are doing it correctly.

If you find an EFC you like, it can be stored persistantly on a button of your choice (except device buttons, and Setup) by using the 994 EFC keymove procedure at

Edited to fix my confusion between  Power/ Stop  and Power/Eject 

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OP | Post 5 made on Saturday January 2, 2010 at 11:34
Lurking Member
January 2010
Great, I will try this procedure- only tedious part IMHO is that I have to do it in root screen to get the arrow keys and in play mode for the
I tested 00106 and it does indeed toggle between stop and play. Not the power response expected for your UEI unit, but anything is something.

An incidental finding that I had on code 0782 is that the zero button will kick the DVD playback up to X2,X4,.....X32 speed and then back to normal playback with successive button presses on the zero key of my RCRP05B remote.

Already up to EFC 00069.... should be done in an hour!

Thanks for your help here, 3FG. Simple stuff, for some, but I definitely neeeded that leg up on this.
OP | Post 6 made on Saturday January 2, 2010 at 13:07
Lurking Member
January 2010
After an hour of EFCsearch in menu mode and another hour repeating EFC search in play mode I have the following working under the DVD device button:

Magnavox MDV-437 EFC codes under 0782
00036 Repeat
00037 Slow Motion
00054 Display Chapter
00058 Pause
00059 Mute
00100 #6
00101 Repeat chapter
00102 Title
00104 #9
00106 Stop/Menu
00116 Right arrow
00118 Power toggle---but I can't get it to set on the Power button
00119 Caption Language
00120 Next
00122 #3
00123 Stop
00124 Reverse play
00164 Step play mode
00182 Zoom toggle
00204 Fast Forward
00228 #4
00229 #5
00230 Root Menu
00231 #0
00232 #7
00234 Root Menu
00235 Up arrow
00244 Left arrow
00245 Select/OK
00246 Open/Close ----but there's no button for this that I can see on RCRP05S
00247 Display/info
00248 Prev
00249 Down Arrow
00250 #1
00251 #2

This is miles ahead of where I got in 2 days of screwin' around, so thanks 1M!

If I were picky... I would sure like to find an "Exit" EFC, for when you get hung up in a menu or something. Exhaustive search mode was much easier/quicker/productive than code search!
But I wondered if the above pattern of EFC's infers a certain device that may provide a clue where the exit EFC code is.

Is it common for the power EFC to not go onto the power button? I do the
DEVICE-> hold Setup for 2 flashes-> 9-9-4 -> Setup -> 00118 -> Power
but the two confirming flashes don't occur the way that they did when I set the EFC to other buttons.

Oh well, its all good so far and the rest is gravy if I get it working so, THANKS!!!

Happy New Year, you've made mine start off well... and that's good karma, eh?

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Post 7 made on Saturday January 2, 2010 at 17:15
Select Member
August 2009
Well, we needed to know that 0782 gave some sort of response.  Trying all 256 EFCs, when you don't know if the protocol or device number is right doesn't sound too appealing.  So at least some of your "screwing around" was absolutely neccessary.

I didn't know that the RCRP05B won't accept EFCs on the power key. But I checked over at (searched on RCRP05B and Power) and them's the facts. I tried it here, and by using a JP1 cable, it is possible to make the EFC assignment, but so far I don't know of any way to do it manually. One guy over there chose to put the power toggle on the dash key.

I assume that you know that the power key will accept a macro, but it only runs when in CBL mode. You can assign the DVD power to some key, and put that key in the Master Power macro, but it will only run if you've first chosen CBL mode. I don't why they did this, but it is apparently similar on other UEI remotes.

The EFC codes aren't the actual command numbers sent to the DVD. I used RemoteMaster (links at hifi-remote) and entered most of your discovered EFC values. Surprisingly, there is not much coherence to the actual command numbers. That's unusual. For example, here are the digit keys. OBC is the actual command number.

Button EFC3 EFC5 OBC

0 231 00231 90
1 250 00250 31
2 251 00251 27
3 122 00122 23
4 228 00228 92
5 229 00229 88
6 100 00100 84
7 232 00232 93
8 233 00233 89
9 104 00104 85

So I doubt that there is much hope of inferring the Exit EFC.

Did you find a EFC for ordinary Play?--I only saw Step Play mode.

Lots of remotes don't have a button dedicated to Open/Close--our Sony BluRay OEM doesn't have such a button.  Some people put Open/Close on Stop-- press Setup, then Stop to open/close.  It seeems to be easy to remember. The 994 instructions tell how to set that up.
OP | Post 8 made on Saturday January 2, 2010 at 19:23
Lurking Member
January 2010
00106 toggles between stop and play.
It seems to stop all the way back to DVD player menu instead of disc menu but we'll manage. Turns out my wifey will use the power button on the DVD player anyway (not the remote) so I guess its case closed for now. Thanks for trying to locate exit. I'm sure its one of the EFC's above and I misinterpreted it as left arrow or something.
Right now, the "customer" wants to see the other episodes on the DVD- its been a few weeks. So Long for now, I'll update the above list as I learn more for the benefit of the next guy who searches MDV-437 codes!!

HNY and thanks again.

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