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Post 1 made on Monday November 13, 2006 at 18:26
igor burger
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May 2004
I use my Iponto to control lights (x10) as well as my a/v equipment. After (!) installing a surgeprotector my x10 receiver (Marmitek IR 7243) only allows me to control the lights which are on the same phase as my IR7243. (The IR7243 is a marmitek product sold in the Netherlands and appears to be the same as the IR543 if this is of any help). The IR7243 converts IR signals into x10.

Plugging the IR7243 in a wall socket on a different phase (and I do have the phase coupler installed) lets me control all lights in my house (as previously before the surgeprotector was installed). Problem is that I need to get off the couch and move to another part of my living room to do so, hence not really an option.

I also use marmitek's powermid XL which allows me to send X10 via IR to the powermid receiver which turns the signal received into RF 433. In turn, the powermid's second receiver picks up this RF 433 signal, turns it back into IR signals and subsequently emits this "converted" signal to my a/v equipment which is behind a door. It can also be used to control appliances in other rooms where the IR signal can't get to.

The question I raised with marmitek's support people was if the updated version of the IR 7243, which is the IRRF 7243 could be used. My plan was to plug in the IRRF 7243 in the other socket elsewhere in my livingroom (thus ensuring I could control all lights again) and use my Ipronto to send IR signals to the powermid which converts them into RF which signal could be picked up by the IRRF 7243. The latter could in turn convert this RF signal back into x10 and I don't need to get up from my couch.

Unfortunately, marmitek's support people are comparable to the Philips support people. Their answer was that it might work but they didn't know because they do not support the Ipronto's IR signals and the x10 commands are different if send by IR or RF. Not much help. Does anyone have experience with sending x10 command via the Ipronto (i.e. IR) to any sort of extender which turns the signal into RF 433 and have it converted from RF into x10 again. Preferrably using the equipment I mentioned above?

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