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Post 13 made on Saturday December 3, 2005 at 03:57
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November 2005
Thanks for the quick responce Guys. I have found advanced codes on 014. Although just about everything I need it to do can be done on 013. Some functions from 300 and a very few from 080

I have a pioneer remote (AXD7406) that I bought at the pawn shop for $10 hoping it would work. I have no idea what model it came from, but it does have receiver printed on the bottom. Looks a little newer than the pictures of the original. My VSX D508 was made in 1999. Some functions work with the VSX-D508 and some don't. One of the buttons that does work is a button labled CH LEVEL. It looks like the original remote has this labled as CH SELLECT. This button brings up the display for the individual channel levels one at a time. Every time you push it it cycles to the next channel. The original remote also has 2 seperate buttons under the label CH LEVEL, one for + and one for - . The pawn shop remote does not have these buttons.

The oraginal remote # for my receiver is AXD7178 or CU-VSX138. I've seen both numbers together on sites that sell them new. Cost from pioneer is $73.56 + shipping.
I paid $20.00 for the receiver at the local pawn shop with dirty volume contacts (couldn't turn it down) and fixed it with a good burnishing. Theres no way I'm paying pioneer almost 4 times what I paid for the receiver for the original remote. If I could do everything from the front pannel I wouldn't care if I had a remote for it or not.

What really sucks is that the pawn shop remote will let me cycle through the individual levels but won't let me adjust them. If I could just adjust the levels with the 15 1918 once I get into them with the pawn shop remote that would be fine. My Subwoofer is a custom box powered by a kenwood 150wpc power amp without gain controls. I need to be able to set levels to ballance the sub/mains. Once set, it will be pretty much left alone.

From the links both or you posted it does appear that what I need is jp1 update.

Here is what I've found so far pertaining to the Pioneer VSX D508 Advanced codes for amp 013

volume up 055, 311, 567, 823
volume down 059, 315, 571, 827
mute on/off 119, 375, 631, 887
loudness 164, 420, 676, 932
dsp modes 165, 421, 677, 933
source sellect 058, 104, 360, 616, 872
monitor/tape 2 248, 760
dvd/ld 448, 704, 960
dvd/5.1 192
tv/sat 052, 308, 564, 820
md/tape 1 121, 377, 633, 889
tape 1/md 104
cd 036, 292, 548, 804
vcr 058, 314, 570, 826
tuner 170
video 118, 374, 630, 886
power on/off 244, 500, 756
The following access speaker size, speaker distance, subwoofer on/off, x-over frequency, LCF, turn on/off and assign optical and coaxial inputs.
menu up 701
menu down 449
menu right 447
menu left 451
escape menu 247

Advanced codes for 014

am 054
fm 056
am/fm 123
tuner up 102
tuner down 106
tuner preset up 117
tuner preset down 121
tuner class A,B,C 165
tuner preset 0 181
tuner preset 1 185
tuner preset 2 183
tuner preset 3 187
tuner preset 4 180
tuner preset 5 184
tuner preset 6 182
tuner preset 7 186
tuner preset 8 053
tuner preset 9 057
mpx stereo/mono 246
direct frequency tuning 171

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