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Post 9 made on Friday December 2, 2005 at 09:43
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September 2002
On November 28, 2005 at 19:19, bse said...
Rob, thanks for the link, the advanced codes
do everything I need them to do except

I am useing device code 013

Device Amp/0013 contains Pioneer protocol with a device number of 165.

On December 2, 2005 at 08:40, bse said...
the answer to my problem is the code 1013 upgrade
listed under VSX D509s.

A setup code number (1013) for a JP1 upgrade gives no useful information. It is just an arbitrary decision by the person who posted that upgrade. Only official setup code numbers are meaningful. For a JP1 upgrade, the useful information would be the URL.

I can't find VSX D509, but the VSXD510 entry is interesting

I called
and they downloaded code 1122.

Audio/1122 contains Pioneer protocol with a device number of 164.

The light blinked twice when the download
was complete, so we assumed the download was succesful.
RS support said I would have to go through the
code search to find the code since I could not
access a 4 digit code with a 3 digit device. I
still haven't found it.

There would be no way to find it by code search. Since Amp/013 basically works, Audio/1122 is either entirely wrong or supports only a few advanced functions. The basic function in Audio/1122 can't be correct for your device. In a code search you are depending on some basic function being correct.

Any chance I could get you to send me a WAV file
of code 1013 ?

When constructing such a wav file, one can change the setup code number to any number he likes while keeping the set of signals unchanged. If someone does provide that .wav, it would obviously be a good idea to pick a three ditgit number instead of 1013

Does the 15-1918 include setup code 014?

The JP1 info posted for the DSXD510 indicates that what you want is mainly 013 with a few codes KeyMoved from 014. For a JP1 user it may be more elegant to build a new setup code combining them. But for an ordinary user (if his remote has both 013 and 014) keymoves are simpler.

You change the setup code from 013 to 014, then test some advanced codes and define some keymoves. Then change the setup code back to 013. The keymoves you define while using 014 are still properly based on 014 when you switch the back to 013, so you end up with the intended mix of two setup codes. (If you had a way to find 1122 you could do the same with 1122. But 014 would be easier if you have it).

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