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Post 5 made on Wednesday October 9, 2019 at 14:34
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So thatís all Clinton did. OK. Did you erase from memory him lying under oath and obstructing justice??

Isnít that what you donít like about trump, that he does EXACTLY the same thing??

I keep going back to this theme. If your guy is the wrongdoer, you are willing to rewrite history to excuse him. If itís your enemy that does the exact same thing, you accuse him of treason.

And then when your inconsistency is brought to your attention, the response is, ďwell, that was different.Ē

This pattern repeats itself again and again.

I just want to ask you in a non-threatening, non-inflammatory way, do you see why I canít get behind any of them? And do you see why I shake my head when you pay homage to one over the other?

It seems like your video supports my thinking.

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There is no truth anymore. Only assertions. The internet world has no interest in truth, only vindication for preconceived assumptions.

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