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Post 17 made on Monday November 26, 2018 at 11:35
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December 2011
To keep everything together and provide a technology partner going forward. The big 3 as mentioned are all building their own sandboxes.

Customers will buy this product from A, that from G, and then will eventually want the next level of A to trigger something from G or vise versa.

The path forward is not just Audio guy. Its Everything Partner guy. Mr Client your network is shit, your TV setup has so many wires draping over the mantle Bald Eagles are nesting in it, your music setup is at least 4 different things you have purchased over 3 years, your light switches are a disaster, your surveillance cameras look like your TV setup etc etc.

On top of all of that when something goes wrong who are you going to call? Google? Good luck.

So why do we provide a control system? To make your life better by allowing us to control it.

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