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URC Announces Total Control Sensor Extender & Sensors
New MRX-4SEN relays up to four sensors over WiFi.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on August 20, 2013 at 9:11 AM
RC News Story
URC has just announced a new wireless sensor relay for use with their Total Control lineup, along with a half dozen sensors. Dubbed the MRX-4SEN, the compact device takes input from up to four connected sensors and relays this over 2.4GHz WiFi to an MRX-10 or -20 advanced network controller.

To go along with this new WiFi extender are six different sensors: video (SEN-VID, active composite video signal), audio (SEN-AUD, active audio signal), light (SEN-LITE, ambient light or a device’s power LED), current/magnetic field (SEN-CMF, power usage or AC magnetic field), voltage (SEN-VOLT, 5-24 volts) and contact closure (SEN-CCLS, relay detection).

The MRX-4SEN is available now for $199 USD MSRP, while the sensors range in price from $45 to $130.

The original press release is included below.

URC Announces MRX-4SEN Sensor Extender and New Sensors for Total Control® Systems

Six new sensors open new worlds of control limited only by the imagination.

Harrison, N.Y. – August 20, 2013 – URC, the brand name behind the whole-house control system that’s sweeping the nation, today announced the MRX-4SEN Sensor Extender and six (6) new sensors that parlay the robust power of the Total Control system and enable exciting new control possibilities. Individual sensors perceive the presence of Video, Light, Audio, Current, Voltage or Contact Closure. Status is conveyed through the compact MRX-4SEN to the MRX Advanced Network Controller to trigger actions or Macros.

“It’s virtual Extra Sensory Perception,” said Cat Toomey, director of marketing at URC. “We’ve given Total Control systems the ability to detect the status of the various components in a home or building and instantly execute strings of control commands based on the data.”

The new sensors perceive the status of a device or its environment and convey the data to the MRX-4SEN which in turn communicates via Wi-Fi with the system’s MRX Advanced Network Controller. For example, a connected Light Sensor can perceive changes in ambient light as daylight changes and report the status to the MRX-4SEN. The MRX Advanced Network Controller, the essential kernel in every Total Control system, receives the status update from the MRX-4SEN and triggers a Macro – perhaps dropping the blinds to a specific level and turning on certain room lights in the home. This is just one of a countless number of possible imaginative applications.

The MRX-4SEN and related sensors are available now from URC. MSRP for the MRX-4SEN is $199. Pricing for the six individual sensors ranges from $45 to $130 MSRP. The MRX-4SEN can be easily installed as part of any Total Control system.

Total Control by URC offers home and business owners unprecedented ease and efficiency. Technologically, it features the latest in innovation and simplicity. Fully scalable, users can begin with a modest system and continue to add features as their needs expand. Home theater, A/V components, lighting, HVAC (thermostat), window shades and security cameras are just a few of the items that can be integrated into a Total Control system from URC.

For more on URC products, visit our Total Control Forum!

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