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Post 5 made on Saturday February 25, 2006 at 14:46
Lyndel McGee
RC Moderator
August 2001

If you have not noticed, very few want to contribute donations to the SNL effort. The latest version has very few downloads since it was released and has even fewer donations. To date, I've only received somewhere in the neighborhood of around $1300 USD for all my efforts on SNL. I spent a significant effort working to add the 'Favorites' support and sorting capabilities to the latest release. No one likes to work for free. It would seem that 1) people don't understand the migration mode or 2) people no longer see the value in such a program. As a result, no new features except those that "I" want.

The legacy SNL will NEVER have Access database and jacket picture support. Why? Because you only have a remote with a max of 8MB of memory. I can hear the complaints now. "I've got 850 DVDs and simply want to put in Jacket pics and an episode list. However, when I do this, I get the error that my CCF is XXXX bytes too large. Why?"

Besides, the older remotes only support BMP/GIF (GIF through CCFCompiler/Decompiler) and to really squeeze memory requirements, you have to use PNG.

I've been using Catraxx for a long time now. CatVids is recent. You can download a trial simply by search for CatVids or Catraxx on yahoo.

I use a VB script to pull data from Access and inject data into my SNL Lists. It's been several years since I've entered data into SNL directly. I only do so for lists such as Favorite Channels or FM Radio setups. All my DVDs and Music are in Catraxx and are generated on the fly into the SN_Library.xml file by a VBScript program.

Lyndel McGee
Philips Pronto Addict/Beta Tester

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