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Post 134 made on Friday May 6, 2005 at 10:16
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March 2004
LP's TSU7500 DVD Juke PCF Download (Updated on 01/01/2007) :

1) The latest editor and firmware need to be used in conjunction with this PCF.
2) All IR code devices in this PCF are set to RF with multiple channels in use.
3) Formally a TSU7000 file, this PCF is now a TSU7500 file and will load in PPENG as such. If you intend to download this PCF to a TSU7000 in order to get a feel for it in the remote make sure to first resave the file as a TSU7000 PCF, then hacking the size of the file down until it loads successfully in the Simulator. Once the file loads successfully in the Simulator it will also download successfully to your TSU7000.

(For a partial walkthough of my PCF check out the reply above this one.)

New additions with the latest version of my pcf file include the following:

*Update on 01/01/2007*
Motorola DCT-6412 device updated.
When accessing the DVR page Firm Keys 2 and 3 are now assigned to "30 second Skip" and "Swap", two functions not previously available in my PCF.

*Update on 11/20/2006*
Various jumps/links corrected. DVD covers added.
In the process of working up my TSU9600 XCF I found various jumps/links which needed correcting in my PCF. This update incorporates those corrections. Additional DVD covers have been added as well, including a full page spread for "Battlestar Galactica: Season 2" as shown below.

*Update on 10/07/2006*
Cable TV (Motorola DCT6412) activity updated.
When choosing Firm Key 2 labeled "DVR" from the primary device you are taken to the "DVR" page as before, but under a duplicate device instead. This allows for having different Firm Key assignments while on the "DVR" page. Firm Key 2 under this duplicate device is still labeled "DVR", but will take you to the "My DVR" menu of the cable box instead. Firm Key 3 has changed also to the "Stop" function. So with the addition of this duplicate device all common functions of the DVR can now be accessed via hard buttons without using the LCD screen or the cable boxes GUI. (For those that don't know... so long as the GUI of the cable box is not showing on screen the directional pad doubles for these functions, "UP=Play/Pause", "Down=Live TV", "Left=Rewind", and "Right=Fast Forward".)

Loading pages updated.
The wording and headers on some of the loading pages have been updated. Additional DVD covers have been added as well.

*Update on 09/05/2006*
Device Gallery pages added.
Several gallery pages have been added back into my PCF now that I have the additional memory. I've also updated the gallery page for my RF extenders in light of my recent upgrade to the RFX6500 units.

Device Activities (Macros) device updated.
Naming convention for step 3 of each activity based macro updated.

*Update on 08/29/2006*
Activity based macros updated.
Not only does my InFocus SP4805 projector not have discrete power codes, but the unit also turns itself on anytime I send an IR code for one of its video inputs. Due to this I had to make some adjustments with my activity based macros to ensure that the projector does not turn when I'm quicky switching between activities, have the projector off, and want it to stay off. This time next year I will have hopefully moved on to a projector which offers discrete power codes and doesn't turn itself on when sending its source select codes. Until that time the conditional pages I have setup prior to my macros running work well enough.

*Update on 08/23/2006*
Move over TSU7000. Make way for the TSU7500!
My TSU7000 has been at 0% free memory off an on for most of this year. Somehow I've continued to find ways to shave down the size of my PCF. Well last week I finally said enough is enough and purchased a TSU7500. LP's DVD Juke PCF is officially back in business with a full 30% memory free in the remote! I've also upgraded my two RF extenders to the 6500 units. I'll hopefully be receiving the new RF extenders by weeks end. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the 6500 units perform over the 6000's I've been using. In preparation for my TSU7500 I spend this past weekend updating my PCF file, both adding stuff back in, and adding new content. Below I've detailed what's new with my latest PCF.

Hard button assignments updated.
As the "OK" button shows the word "OK" on it now versus the check mark symbol (my preference) I decided to try using the "OK" button for my OK/select/enter functions. Each device in my PCF has been configured accordingly. I'm not sure if I like it this way, but I'm going to give it a try for a couple weeks and see how it goes.

IR code device navigation updated.
Via my "Activities" page one can access each of the hidden IR code devices in my PCF. This access allows for the testing/learning of IR codes when needed from the remote, and for demo purposes. With this latest PCF I have changed things up a little bit. The up and down buttons are no longer used to cycle through each of my IR code devices. Firm keys 2 and 3 and now used instead.

Open/Close function added for my DVD changers.
When updating the hard button configurations for each of my DVD changer devices I took the opportunity to remove the "format" function previously found on firm key 2. This function was for changing the aspect ratio of my InFocus X1 projector. This came in quite handy as the X1 is a 4:3 projector. For any DVD's which were not in anamorphic widescreen, placing the projector in 4:3 mode with my DVD changers 16:9 format set to full allowed for the full 16:9 area of my fixed projector screen to be used. With the projector I have now this is not possible as it is a 16:9 projector with no vertical stretch options. As such, I've replaced the format function under each DVD changer device with the "open/close" function instead. I've never felt the need to include this function in the remote, but now that it's part of my PCF I'm sure I will use it versus hitting the open/close button on my changers manually.

"Taken" DVD submenu pics updated.
I've never been happy with the DVD submenus I was using for the DVD box set, "Taken". They were screen captures of the DVD menus, and very out of focus. These have been replaced with a better set of pics. The example pic I've linked to only shows the first six episodes. Included are full screen pics for all 10 episodes. The original images found in my PCF are of slightly better quality.

"24: Season 5" submenu pics added.
Needless to say I'm exicited about the release of "24: Season 5" this fall. Knowing for almost certain the make-up of this box set I went ahead and did up my DVD submenu page for it. The menu page for this TV series also needed to be updated as a result. For now I've gone with a simple look for the menu page. I did not really see the need to label what season each DVD cover image was for.

"Lost: Season 2" submenu pics added.
This is another DVD release I'm really looking forward to. At least this one has a confirmed street date already. As with "24: Season 5" I decided to also add DVD submenu pics for this DVD release ahead of time. In the process I also created a one pager for "Lost: Season 1" as you can see from the pic. It will come in quite handy down the road at some point when I start playing the memory conservation game again.

"The 4400: Season 1" submenu pics added back in.
I had a lot of fun creating these submenu pics which have been added back to my PCF. Unfortunately the official website has changed it's layout, so I was not able to work up Season 2 as I did here for Season 1. :-(

Daniel Tonks Galaxy NG game added back in.
Looks like the Galaxy NG game is here to stay for some time now. I always hate when I have to hack this game out of my PCF. It's nice once again to finally have room for it. As always, this game can be accessed on my "Activities" page via the Pronto icon in the center of the screen.

*Update on 07/24/2006*
Device Activities (Macros) device updated.
An "Activity Macro (Bridge)" page has been added to this device. Prior to this update all activity based buttons throughout my PCF were set with a jump to the pages under this device. Each of these buttons now link to the buttons on the new "Activity Macro (Bridge)" page instead. In turn, the buttons on this page contain the jumps to each of the activity based macro pages. This allows for making global changes to any of the activity based buttons throughout my PCF from one page, the "Activity Macro (Bridge)" page. This was not possible before.

*Update on 07/17/2006*
InFocus SP4805 Front Projector added.
For several months I've been without a projector. My X1 went belly up after over 4000 plus hours on the bulb. Both the bulb and the color wheel went up on the darn thing! The projector is no longer under warranty either. It's been a real drag not having a projector to say the least. Recently I acquired an InFocus SP4805 however. It's working out well so far. My PCF has been updated accordingly. My DVD disc count has also increased slightly with this lastest PCF. I'm now at 1,398 DVD discs with 202 slots left in my 4th changer. :-P

*Update on 05/25/2006*
The 4400: Season Two box set added.
I really enjoyed season one of this show. Looking forward to seeing how season two shapes out. With little to no memory left in the remote now this about does it for adding any box sets to my PCF. Guess I'll have to break down and purchase a TSU7500 here soon. It will be nice to have the additional 16 megs. Can't wait. I need the breathing room big time!

Improper jump actions corrected.
The question mark button on the "DCA" pages under all DVD submenu devices was mapped incorrectly. Each is now mapped to the proper "HBA" page.

*Update on 05/24/2006*
Additional frame overlay pic available.
A member of the forums here, oldgolfguy did up this great 4 DVD cover per page frame overlay pic for those who would like to go with larger DVD cover images for their DVD Juke devices. Just right click on the below image and choose the "Save Picture As..." option if you'd like to use this frame overlay pic with your DVD Juke based PCF. It's not included in my PCF download.

Using this frame overlay pic the DVD cover images will need to be sized at 113x153. If you have the available memory in the remote and want to go with larger DVD covers 113x153 will definitely get the job done. Again, great job on the pic oldgolfguy!

*Update on 05/07/2006*
DVD cover image pages updated.
When browsing the DVD cover image pages under a given genre I was using grey buttons on the last page of each letter to fill in the blank spots. As I'm trying to cut down on space where possible I decided to replace the buttons on each of these pages with a 240x320 background panel instead using grey as the background color. This accomplishes the same thing while reducing the size of my xml file quite a bit. I gained just enough memory in the remote to keep me going for a while longer. Least I hope so anyway. :-P

*Update on 04/22/2006*
"Computer" device updated.
I'm trying out a new media center front end just for kicks, so I've updated this device. The app in question is called TVedia. It doesn't do as much as many of the other front ends I've tried, but then again, I don't require much. Just using it to serve up mp3's and pictures to my projector with the occasional WMV file. One of the cool things about TVedia4 is that it can be run in full screen on a secondary monitor. For people like myself without a dedicated HTPC this is most excellent. TVedia also has direct support for my USB-UIRT, so Girder is not needed.

*Update on 04/20/2006*
Activity icons in the top interface area updated.
When selecting a given activity icon said icon now appears highlighted in comparison to the others after the activity has loaded. This is meant to indicate of course which activity is currently selected. I've also replaced the pressed states of these icons. Each now shows a version of the familiar star burst please wait graphic when pressed.

*Update on 04/16/2006*
DVD Juke pages updated.
The font used for the genre listings on my DVD Juke (Menu) pages was different from the font used for the headings on these pages. The genre listings now use the same font. My DVD Juke (DCA) pages have also been updated. Each were displaying the words "Sony DVD" in the heading area. I've replaced this with the same "DVD Juke" heading as seen on the other DVD Juke pages.

*Update on 04/11/2006*
Onkyo TX-SR800 and InFocus X1 devices updated.
The activity icons from my system area are no longer accessible while under these devices. Banners are now in place instead at the top of each page as these devices are only intended to be accessed from a given activity based device to make any needed adjustments to the audio and video properties.

Microsoft XBOX 360 device added.
My last available input set was used for this component. :-( Looks like I'll need to add another Zektor switch at some point. :-P Click here to check out my XBOX 360 device.

Activites page updated.
I had no room left on the activites page to add my XBOX 360 activity, so I decided to remove the icons for my receiver, and projector. These devices are still accessible from this page however, via the buttons in the lower corners labeled, "Audio", and "Video". In the upper corners of the page are the buttons, "Settings" and "IR Codes". These take you to the settings pages for the remote, and my hidden IR code pages. The hidden buttons previously located off each corner of the activites page have been removed. Back in the center of the page you'll once again find the Pronto icon. Once I've upgraded to the TSU7500 this icon will take me to Daniel Tonks' Galaxy NG game.

*Update on 04/07/2006*
Conditional pages for all activity based macros updated.
Due to the lack of variable support conditional pages prompting for user input is the only way to feasibly monitor the power states of ones equipment. The conditional pages in my PCF prior to this update served to ensure my equipment was powered on for a given activity, but that's about it. This included a seperate question asking if my projector needed powered on as I sometimes choose to keep my projector off for certain activities. The one thing I had not accounted for was if my projector was already powered on for the current activity, and I wanted it to be powered off when going to the next activity. Well yesterday when replying to a thread regarding conditional macros of all things I got to thinking about how I would do this. The solution I came up with worked so well that I decided to implement it for every activity based macro in my PCF. :-) Click here to see a screenshot of the end result.

As seen in the screenshot the first page which comes up when choosing an activity asks if I want to ensure the equipment is powered on for the activity. If the needed equipment is already powered on I simply choose no. The remote then queues up the proper source selects and takes me to the primary page for the activity. If I choose yes I'm prompted with a second question, "Is the projector currently powered on?" Answering this question establishes what power state the projector is in, so that I can then be asked one last question. (Refer to the pages from my example pic highlighted in blue.) If I confirm that the projector is on I'm asked, "Keep projector on for this activity?" If I confirm the projector is off I'm asked, "Keep projector off for this activity?". As a result of this update the number of page navigations when choosing an activity has increased by one. This is well worth the trade off however, as I am now able to have my projector powered on for any given activity, as well as powered off.

Motorola DCT6412 and IR543 devices updated.
Companion devices have been created for both my Motorola DCT6412 and IR543 devices. This was done in order to improve the navigation structure of each device.

- Motorola DCT6412: The "User Settings" button on the keypad page of my Motorola device now jumps to a companion device where only the directional pad is functional. After making any needed adjustments the "Exit Settings" button will take you back to the first of the channel icon pages under the main device. I've also added a banner to the top part of the interface. This is meant to restrict ones ability to jump to another activity prior to selecting the "Exit Settings" button.

-IR543 IR Command Center: I've reworked my IR543 device as well. Firm key 4 is now used to toggle you between the main IR543 device and the companion device showing the full screen version of the IR543. I've also added a custom header to each of the interface pages.

*Update on 04/06/2006*
Disc loading macro and disc confirmation links pages updated.
The 200 buttons on each of these pages now use a black background instead of grey and are spread out across the width of the page. I've also placed a header at the top of each page.

Further file optimizations.
The background images I was using on my IR code device pages have been removed. I've kept the same look for each of these pages, but am using blank panels instead sized accordingly with the proper background colors selected. I've also changed out the DVD cover images overlay pic I was using. I recently changed this pic to a 240x320 PNG using the PNG transparency option. Using the PNG transparency option takes up more memory in the remote however, especially considering how many pages in my PCF this graphic is on. By reverting back to my 241x320 pic (aligned at coordinates -1, 0) which uses the "Use the color in the upper left corner as transparency color" option I gained enough savings that my remote now reports an additional 1 percent of free memory. Now I'm quite sure I did not gain a whole percent, but I clearly gained more free space in the remote. I will take whatever I can get at this point.

More device tree changes.
The "DVD JUKE (MENU)" and "DVD JUKE (INDEX)" sections of my PCF have been swapped so that the "DVD JUKE (DLM)" and "DVD JUKE (INDEX)" sections are together. These are the sections I work with on a weekly basis when adding new DVD cover images to my PCF. Made better sense to have them together. As a result, the DVD Juke sections of my PCF are now in alphabetical order as well. Can't say that I mind that. :-)

System and Activity Macro timings shortened.
The delay actions in each macro between the second and last loading pages has been cut in half to .5 seconds each. Each macro runs a bit more crisply now as a result.

*Update on 04/02/2006*
Device tree now better organized.
The section in my device tree previously called, "DEVICES" is now called "COMPONENTS". This is more fitting as the devices in this section are in fact for my components. I've also moved the first two devices for each DVD changer to this section. The DVD Changer (DLM) devices remain under the "DVD CHANGERS" section which is now called "DVD Juke (DLM)". Having the Disc Loading Macro devices grouped together makes them easier for me to browse to when linking a given DVD cover image button to its disc confirmation page. I need all the help I can get I guess. :-P

*Update on 03/31/2006*
DSS device updated.
My Samsung SIR-TS160 HD DIRECTV Receiver is no longer being used to watch DIRECTV programming. I'm only using it as an ATSC tuner to pull in my Washington, D.C. area digital broadcasts. Comcast only provides me with the Baltimore area stations. In light of this components limited use I've changed up the device label on each page to read "DSS (OTA)". I've also removed the DIRECTV channel icons leaving only the network stations. Each network icon on this page is actually two buttons side by side to appear as one button. The left side of each is set to the main channel. The right side of each set to the sub-channel. Pressed states for these half buttons are included as well. Below the channel icons I've also worked up something cool highlighting the indoor antenna I am using, the Zenith Silver Sensor. There was all this empty space below the channel icons, so I had to fill it with something. :-P The Zenith Silver Sensor is an awesome indoor antenna! I have mine sitting in my equipment closet. It manages to pull in every Washington, D.C. area digitial broadcast without the need to ever adjust placement in order to keep a station locked in. Now that's what I call performance!

Activity macro prompt updated.
I decided to once again change the wording used on my activity page prompts. The wording on the first of these prompts had read, "Power on equipment for this activity?" This implies that the equipment for said activity is powered off which could be true, but was not what I meant to convey. It took me a while, but I finally got the wording right. Guess three times is a charm. :-P The question now reads, "Ensure equipment is powered on for activity?"

*Update on 03/29/2006*
Disc loading macro setup page updated.
I just realized last night that I had never included a button in the IR codes column of my setup page for the input of ones display. I've never needed this myself as my Zektor A/V switch inputs are tied to the proper projector inputs in my PCF. I like to do everything by the book however, so I've updated the setup page found under each of my DVD Changer (DLM) devices accordingly. Each now includes a "Display - Input" button in the IR codes column. I've also added a "Dim Lights" button to the IR codes column. Before I was just making a direct link to my IR543 IR code device in the post macro. Might as well keep things consistent. Of course, the pre and post macros have been updated in light of the new buttons. In addition, I've also reduced the number of loading pages used by one since my new loading pages show only six states, not seven. (I've made this same page reduction to the other sets of loading pages in my PCF as well.) Lastly, the physical layout of the buttons on the setup page have been tweaked to mirror the exact action lists of the pre and post macros. Talk about visual aids! :-P

*Update on 03/28/2006*
Disc confirmation pages updated!
All disc confirmation pages now call out the specific disc selected if there is more than one disc to choose from for a given title. I've done this by changing the question on the confirmation page when needed with custom labels. I've also removed the Galaxy NG game from my PCF once again as I ran out of memory when implementing this updated. At least I've got some free memory now. :-) Where is a TSU7500 when you need one. :-P

Cable box device updated.
Well it still looks like a**, but I've updated my Comcast Sportsnet logo. Least it's an improvement over what I was using before, but that's not saying much. I've also added a channel icon for Universal HD. For now I'm just using my old BravoHD icon for this. I've also reworded the text label for this device.

*Update on 03/22/2006*
Home page replaced.
The home page now displays a modified version of Daniel Tonks' License Agreement as seen in his TSU3000 and TSU7000 PCF files.

To date the DVD management interface for my PCF has consumed countless hours of work on my part. A large amount of this time was taken to ensure the DVD management interface could be easily retrofitted for other peoples pcf files and equipment with very few adjustments short of inserting DVD cover images and linking said buttons to slot numbers. I've also spent quite a bit of time recently improving the whole activity based functionality of my PCF. In any event, I am quite pleased with how things turned out. That being said, I felt it appropriate to include Daniel Tonks' License Agreement modified to include my email address as well after first outlining the items I take credit for.

Small device text labels updated.
I've increased the font size of the small text labels used to call out what device you are currently under. Each text label has also been given a generic name versus the equipment specific names I was using.

Samsung SIR-TS160 HD DIRECTV Receiver device added.
It's nice to once again have this device back in my PCF. I no longer subscribe to DIRECTV service, so this device has been out of my PCF for a while now. I put it back in recently as the OTA tuner is still functional irrespective of whether you have DIRECTV service of not. I use the tuner to pull in digital broadcasts from the Washington, D.C. area as Comcast only provides me with the Baltimore area stations.

Activity page updated.
The activity page now incorporates the functionality of my prior home page, namely the system on and off macros via firm key 2 and 3. On said page there are also buttons just off each corner allowing for quick access to my audio (receiver) device, video (projector) device, settings pages for the remote, and my IR code pages. The Pronto icon in the center of the page jumps to Daniel Tonks' Galaxy NG game. You might also notice once downloading my PCF that the Device Power page has been removed. I never used that page anyway. This change allowed for the assigning of system on to firm key 2, system off to firm key 3, and a Gallery/Activity device toggle to firm key 4. My device gallery has seen some hard button changes as well. Firm key 2 and 3 under my Device Gallery are now assigned to page up and page down as they are for my DVD Juke devices. Prior your only option was to use the fixed page up and page down buttons to view the gallery items. This new setup is great! I'll miss my old home page, but having Daniel's License Agreement in place is more important. After all, I am using his graphics thoughout.

More activity section updates.
The headers for my loading pages have been updated. For the system on and off macros the header states, "System Macro". For all activity based macros the header states, "Activity Macro".

*Update on 03/18/2006*
DVD Juke hard button assignments changed.
I've never been completely satisfied with the hard button assignments for my DVD Juke devices, specifically with regards to my page up (NavMode), page down (SmartSurf), and HBA page (Firm key 3) assignments. The page up and page down assignments did not allow for comfortable one hand operation of the remote. They also had to be swapped when accessing any of the 16x9 DVD submenu pages to account for the reorientation made with the remote. My HBA page assignment was never as prominent as I wanted it to be, and then there was the browse forwards assignment to Firm key 2. I never use browse forwards, so that hard button assignment was just being wasted. The new hard button configuration I've gone with resolves all these issues. It took forever and a day to implement, but I'm finally satisfied. Very satisfied in fact! Taking the idea from Gary Hamilton's PCF (thanks Gary) I've gone with Firm key 2 for page up, and Firm key 3 for page down. Having page up and page down assigned to Firm key 2 and 3 allows for very comfortable operation of the remote with one hand. These assignments also work for my 16x9 DVD submenu pages which is an added bonus! My HBA page assignment has been moved down to the NavMode button which I am much happier with, and the SmartSurf button is now assigned to the special action, "Backlight".

DVD Juke device structure updated.
In prior PCF files the DVD Juke menu, A-Z page, and DVD cover image pages were all under the same device. What I've done is split each DVD Juke device into two seperate devices, the first of which contains the menu page. The second contains the A-Z page (now referred to as the Index page), and the DVD cover image pages. This change (take note of the device tree to the left) was made so that the hard button assignments for the directional pad would not bump you back out to a given DVD Juke menu page while on an index page or while browsing DVD cover image pages. I've made this same change in the past, but have always gone back to one DVD Juke device per genre. This time I'm keeping it this way. Honest. :-P

DVD Juke labels on firm keys and HBA pages updated.
Depending on how many levels deep you are while under my DVD Juke devices certain hard button assignments are disabled. In prior PCF files there was no visual indicator of which hard button assignments were active and which were not. To remedy this any inactive hard button now shows as greyed out on the Firm Key labels and HBA (Hard Button Assignments) pages.

DVD Juke menu, index, and HBA page graphics updated.
I almost forgot to mention this one. I've replaced the headings on my DVD Juke menu, index, and HBA pages. The "Sony DVD" wording at the top of each page is now gone replaced by the heading, "DVD Juke". The graphics below that on each page have been replaced with a larger font.

CONTINUED into next post...

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