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Post 122 made on Thursday December 2, 2004 at 13:52
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March 2004
"Lowpro, My question is several-fold,
1. Why store DVD macros on a separate page? Why not on the covers themselves?"

The reason for this is the same as it is for having my learned IR codes permanently stored in a hidden device and only linked to throughout my .pcf file. It allows me the greatest flexibility if I want to change up my DVD Lobby device in anyway without losing any of the macros. If I remove a DVD title from my collection for instance and want to delete the DVD cover I am only losing the link to that macro when I delete the button, not the macro itself.

"2. Assuming you have a very logical answer to question #1 that I haven't thought of, then, why only put 25 macros per page? Why not 100 or more, to save pages?"

I found it easier to have larger buttons to deal with as I was creating the macros. It thought it might speed my work along a bit, perhaps not, but these are just pages with blank buttons on them, so they don't take up much room anyway.

"3. I understand the concept of the page that you use to place your DVD covers to get the spacing right,(DVD moves background) but I don't understand how to delete the underlying panels after placing the covers over them? Or, don't you? Do they "move to back"? Do you make them transparent?"

I copy and paste that DVD cover moves background image to however many pages I need to shuffle DVD cover images on. I move that page to the back which puts my regular background image on top. I then move this to the back as well. At this point the DVD moves background image is just under all the DVD cover images. When I am finished shuffling images down and adding new ones I simply select that temporary background image on each page and delete it.

My DVD moves background image is one solid image by the way. This includes both the pink and green areas. I am thinking you may think each green area for DVD cover image placement are seperate images. They are not. It's all one pic.


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