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Post 3 made on Sunday April 13, 2003 at 12:06
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April 2003
I have been able to get the Channel hard buttons with preprogrammed codes, no luck with the Volume buttons.

Even learning the codes is kind of tricky, espescially with channels. I have set up a few pages with direct access (one touch) buttons for various channels and networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, et cetera). Problem is that the preprogrammed codes that I used for the TV set up don't seem to work when used in multiples for these buttons. For example, single numbers are fine (3, 4, 5...) but double digits (10, 12, 15, 16...) don't work properly. Channel 10 in particular. Pre-programmed with the TV codes, I get double hits on the "1" and an occasional random zero. I've tried delays between numbers and nothing seems to o the trick. I finally settled on usink a "link" to my watch channel page for the "1" "0" sequence ut it still isn't right. It is now sending 11010, but I end up on channel 10. I was just tired of screwing around with it.

On a similar note, it also seems fairly impossible to get it to "learn" multiple numbers. Using channel 10 as an example again, when I push the button that I want to learn channel 10 on the iPronto and then try to send a "1" then "0", the iPronto is so anxious to learn that first digit, and acknowledge that is has been learned, that I never get to enter the "0". No matter how fast I key in 10, it insists on only learning the one and and displaying te "successful" dialog box. Pretty frustrating!


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