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Post 1 made on Thursday September 25, 2003 at 09:51
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September 2003
I've updated to the latest iprontoedit 2.2 and corresponding firmware. It's a bit more stable than 2.1. Unfortunatly thats about the only nice thing I have to report.

It would be nice if all the templates provided had transparent buttons. The gold parallelogram ones on the Home page are a bit too custom. Philips obviously has the handy knowhow to create and supply these things. Rather than forcing each new potential programmer to jump through hoops to create .png files. We're not all button artists ya know.

I noticed that the ipronto that i'm configuring seems to power itself on (possibly resetting itself too) in the morning. Is this EPG at work or something? I havnt touched that section yet. I do not plan to use EPG.

My current configuration controls about 10 devices, the .icf file is only 1272kb in size. smaller than the default.icf. After I download an updated configuration, it takes about 5 minutes to process the configuration file. What is worse is that if a reset is performed on the ipronto, it takes almost an entire HOUR to process the very same file. This is not acceptable for me as a programmer, or the end user who wants to control something in his theatre right NOW.

I wanted to put some finishing touches on this ipronto this morning, but now i find it in the reset mode of processing the ipronto configuration file. It was powered off last night, and is only set to power on with the button. Now I am forced to delay delivery of this unit to the client for at least another day.
An emulator would be nice. Or lacking that, how about something that scans the icf for potential problems, like configuration too complex, inefficiency warnings, and other things like that.

I've performed a full forced firmware reload and then my icf download, which is a little faster than waiting for a reset. Go figure. This is obviously not something i'm gonna have the client do.

Is there a way to easily apply a button's complete appearance to another ( or several ) specific button(s)? This is the most time consuming part for me. I have some simple buttons that I want to apply almost globally, but i am forced to import the bitmat for each (unpressed and pressed). Is it possible to just pick my button appearance from the gallery? The gallery only seems to be for new buttons.

The iprontoedit panel "windows" are not really windows in the way it should be. They are not sizable or overlappable. You can't cut and paste bitmaps from/to other applications.

There is no easy "try out a device ir setting". The Pronto's had this feature. With the ipronto, it appears that i have to define the device type in iprontoedit, save and download it, try it out, and repeat this 7 minute cycle for each attempt and for each device. I know it's easier to just learn all the ir codes, but one of the remotes is missing, and i think it's cleaner if i can find a matching ir set. Am I missing something obvious here?

I feel like i'm a kid playing with a new chemistry set. But i'm really a consultant with real business clients.


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