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Post 2 made on Thursday September 25, 2003 at 18:25
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March 2003
Addressing only one of your issues, (playing MP3's stored on a PC)....there are two parts to my application for this.....Audiotron by Turtlebeach is a device that can control/sort/playback any and/or all MP3's from a PC. You can either "hard wire" a connection between your PC's router and the audiotron with a network (cat-5) cable from one room to the next, or you can create the connection wirelessly (802.11b wi-fi) So once you have this hooked up, you can access every mp3 stored on your computer from wherever it is that you place the audiotron in your home. Now, the cool part is that along with your purchase of the audiotron, you get access to your own webpage that you can use to control sorting and playback of the mp3's via your as a simple example, you can go to your audiotron webpage, and you can select A song, or an artist, or genre, and hit the play button and it sends a signal to your audiotron, which tells your PC to select the appropriate songs, and seconds later you're listening to music. NOW how does this relate to iPronto???? Since you can access webpages on the iPronto, you can type in the address of your audiotron webpage and handle 100% control, selection, and playback of exactly the songs you want to play right from the iPronto and once again, it sends the signal to the audiotron which controls the pc,'s a very cool combination of technologies that is one of my favorite parts of the iPronto. AND since the ipronto's webpage control only needs to be within range of your WiFi connection to access this webpage, you could be outdoors, out of range of the RF signal reciever on the audiotron, but that's're not sending an RF signal to conrol the audiotron, you're telling the audiotron webpage what do, which in turn controls the audiotron. Hope this makes sense. Best part...If I recall, I think the audiotron is about $300 to $400......about 10% to 20% of the cost of a standalone hard disk music recorder like the Escent Fireball.

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