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Post 1 made on Friday November 7, 2003 at 06:28
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Have you asked them if they intend to blend the capabilities of the iPronto/Pronto and the DesXcape Smart Display?

It's a perfect crossover, for instance the ViewSonic SDs have the NEVO remote (inflexible and poorly supported as it is).

640x480 on the iPronto is pretty weak for web browsing, but perfectly adequate as a touchscreen remote. In fact the iPronto is a more reasonable size for a device that is used 80%+ as a remote and 20%- as a browser.

Conversely, the 15" DesXcape is pretty big for a remote, but perfect for the wireless browser and other functions. Enough so that the PC utility would make the large size tolerable for a remote. (I think the 10" ViewSonic is too small for computer use with 800x600 resolution limit though the size is similar to the iPronto overall)

Ultimately, folks are going to make purchase decisions, and I believe that few will purchase both of these items because they are seemingly/visually so similar yet functionally so different and so expensive.

Yet both offer adequate crossover potential so if Philips decided to exploit some of this convergence, it would certainly improve sales of both items, or even end up merging both into one and selling even more.

There are so many devices that are fantastic examples of engineering yet never rise above being "niche" items because of how they are marketed or stalled in "tunnelvision" development.

There are also sophisticated and expensive items which become widely adopted and ultimately cheap to purchase like DVD players, cell phones, etc.

I'd love to see the Pronto line become the latter, but it's going to take more effort and innovation from Philips to make it happen.

The technology is all here.

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