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Post 1 made on Wednesday May 12, 2004 at 03:59
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October 2003
successfully upgraded last night, all seems to be working ok except the EPG issue which hopefully Philips will provide a fix for soon...

On the comments re. the apparant lack of new functionality I tend to agree with the disappointment expressed by others. However, now the system is claimed to be very stable then lets hope the new functionality starts to roll in!!

A few things I would love to see...

1. RS-232 NetX Controller - Would be superb!, definately if it was 2 way communication with the ability to parse strings returned from units for status display on the iPronto. Examples for me would be ability to display current surround format / volume levels etc on the iPronto display.

2. EPG Linkage to the remote control feature - would allow a user to setup buttons for channels and list curently showing program on the channel

3. Override of hard buttons to the left of the controller - would allow user to specify where they want browsers and where they want remote control facility. e.g. top 3 buttons could be for CD, DVD, Sat TV and programmed to jump to relevant page and switch source accordingly.

4. 'Back' button - returns to previous page so a single page can be used for example to set surround settings for any source with a switch back to whichever control page you came from.

5. embed html pages into the remote control pages, useful for PC music servers, remote video cameras etc.

6. Maybe a scripting engine (this is a linux based system so what about a perl library?) that allows advanced 'if - then' macros. e.g. Curently my control is set to turn the lights up when I pause a DVD, would be great for the iPronto to only raise the lights if its past a certain time of day. I'm sure many other smart ideas could benefit from such facilities.

7. Many may find this daft but I think it would be great to have the option of jumping to a screen saver when the remote is charging, this screen saver could link to a folder of photographs to turn the iPronto into a 'digital photo frame' when not in use.

I'm sure loads of other wish lists are around, maybe worth consolidating onto this forum so Philips can see what we want!!

And pronto team, would be even better if you could give us an idea of what your're planning next!


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