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Post 17 made on Thursday May 13, 2004 at 08:27
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January 2004
Layout 3 showing the quarter view has been replaced by a browser preset to improve stability. As a consequence all 4 M-view related bugs are solved.........I don't call that fixing bugs. My cars engine has started to misfire, to fix this 'annoyance' my local garage removed the engine!!!!! about getting the basics enabled?

i) More web realated plugins - ie Movie viewers, MPS playback. Also would it be too much to ask for the saving of cookies (to save retyping in passwords) and the bookmarking of Favorites.
ii) Enabling the USB, Mic and Memory slots.
iii) Improving that awful archaic editing program 'iProntoEdit' and adding the features you removed from 'ProntoEdit' such as the simulator so it saves 5 mins of downloading and rebooting just to test an icf.
iv) Bring back the 4 view screen. It made moving around between my Sat, DVD and Video screens a lot easier. Also add the 'promised' web view to this screen.
v) Get those Hard Buttons to be 'remote specific'.
vi) Being able to connect Pronto to a 'local' server to play MP3s would be nice....
vii) You want more? I am willing to join the beta program (as would most of the people were) if it would speed up development.

And for people who say you're trying, I've spent almost 1300 on a remote control, I want a little bit more than a 300 pronto with a larger screen, the 'extra features' it was supposed to offer over your competitors is what sold it to me. Almost 6 months after buying it (and nearly a year since its been on the market!) you are still trying to work on 'stability', this sort of thing should have been ironed out in the lab before release. Your new firmwares would then be improving speed, adding plugins and polishing the device...

Please, and don't take this the wrong way but please could you PULL YOUR FINGER OUT.

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