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Post 12 made on Friday August 27, 2004 at 17:22
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yep. All valid points! I agree that my big problem has been with the crashing, which then magnified all the other problems in my mind. I also accept that you don't HAVE to use the side buttons. My problem is that one of the reasons for buying such an expensive gadget (apart from that gadget factor in itself!) is my very non-technical girlfriend, who needs much hand-holding when it comes to use of our complex home ent system. She (and I kid you not) will get onto a wrong page by accident (probably quite easy with the unlabelled side buttons) and then sit for hours on the same channel until I come home because she's scared of breaking something by fiddling! What I'd like to be able to do is disable all the things that make the unit nice and flexible for a tech-head, and turn it into a unit which holds the hand of the user and says "just press this button and everything will be OK"! And also one which doesn't allow the user to go outside the structure that I have designed with "safety" in mind! Not the end of the world, but technology really does stress her out!

I've just moved, and have reinstalled my home cinema. I'm having afew teething problems, some of which I just can't track down, and the last thing I needed to add to my woes was a 20 minute reboot before I could start on the other things (which are still messing me about!). So I overreacted a bit, and took all my frustrations out on iPronto (not physically you understand!). But it is a very frustrating crash, I'm sure you understand. Essentially, I love iPronto. I'd recommend it, so long as the crash is just down to the card. My icf isn't finished yet, but I am already finding that everything looks slick and easy to use, and some of the things you can do are amazing.

And btw, the reason I find wi-fi a bit of a pain for programming is that it makes it quite long-winded to learn ir codes, involving writing the icf on the PC, uploading it to the remote, learning the codes from the remote and then sending the whole thing back to the PC! Just seems a bit long-winded compared to the old Pronto system, but at least it's something you only get involved with when setting it up or buying new equipment. As I said, when I sit back and look at it objectively the crash is the only distaster. It just makes the rest seem a bigger deal when you're feeling frustrated and beset by technical problems (not just with iPronto)!

Anyway, thanks for the help and support Phil. I truly appreciate it. Sorry for being a grump on the forum. That was all before I spoke to you! I'll keep taking the tablets....

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