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Post 5 made on Thursday August 19, 2004 at 18:28
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Same problem here, but worse!!! Mine crashes if left overnight. Weird thing is, it just seems to be the actual display part of the screen that isn't waking up. Touch the screen, and the code for the button that SHOULD be on that part of the screen is actually sent, you just can't see the buttons! The REALLY annoying thing is that a reset doesn't even help. It resets (I know this because I hear the little tune) but it doesn't fix the problem. I have to take the battery out and leave it out for about 15 minutes before reinserting it. Then everything works again. Come on Philips! 15 minute wait to switch on the TV with my £1300 remote control?!? If theit tech support don't get back to me REAL SOON with an immediate fix, this heap is going right back.

Plus what's the point of 7 buttons down the side of the machine, if most of them do the same thing and you can't change it?!?

And why can't you do a jump to the EPG?

A bit more thought before releasing this at this price would have been a good idea.

Oh yes, and not everyone has a WAP. I do, luckily, but it's not overly common, is it? Ever heard of USB? I know you have, because there's a socket. Why not let people program it through that?

A great idea (I need a bigger screen that my old Pronto can manage) ruined by buggy and poorly thought out implementation.


Oh yes, I forgot to say also, every time I have to do the above bettery removal, I have to spend a ludicrously long time (thanks to a clumsy interface) reprogramming the time and date in order to access the EPG, which doesn't include that "+1 hour" channels on the UK Sky network.


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