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Post 3 made on Thursday February 15, 2007 at 17:19
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Exceptional Innovations is one more company in a long list of companies that is trying to use the PC market as their model for succeeding in this market. It doesn't take a whole lot of guess work to imagine why they are marketing to builders. Because no one is selling their systems (claims of having "hundreds" of installations aside).

Think about the absurdity of what this company is doing business model wise. They are basing their entire company on MS Media Center - and trying to package a system based on that solution that can reach Crestron and AMX type prices. But wait a minute - isn't the ENTIRE purpose of MS Media Center to open up "media centers" to the masses, i.e. a cheap solution? It now comes packages with every $599 Vista PC.

So if you are a customer with a Cadillac or Mercedes budget, do you want to spend 25K or 50K on a solution built around MS Media Center? Can you say "contradiction"? Remember these words guys - this companies business model is built upon a house of cards by people who likely have little to no experience in this industry.

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