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Post 13 made on Wednesday August 6, 2003 at 14:56
Cico Buff
Founding Member
October 2001
Something tells me you didn't take your Wheaties this morning, James. I didn't intend for a drawn out debate on the issues of why JVC didn't include a way of accessing the index feature that was nevertheless built into the machine. That's just "beyond petty". This thread should have ended a long time ago, as I have given up on getting the index code a long time ago. I just came by briefly just to see if it would help with the index problem. I have no intention of staying (don't worry insecure lil' Robman, you're still #1 geek 'round here). This response will be my last and I won't be checking this thread any longer. If you continue to respond and draw out this thread, I won't be listening, so it will only be to help inflate your ego. I'll bet that like your buddy Rob, you won't be able to contain yourself.

{{Your logic has a few flaws. Boilded down, you postulate: If the machine can write index marks, it should be able to read them as well (and also allow use of that). }}

That isn't "flawed logic", it's simply called "logic" and "common sense". It only seems that you struggle to acheive these qualities, so not surprising that you would not understand this. I never said that it was true, only that it was a "logical" assumption - and I even gave a reason for why that was so.

{{That's fine in a wishful thinking world, but certainly doesn't follow the business model approach: you get what you paid for.}}

The value of a product is completely relative to the consumer. For example, if you gave me a touchscreen Pronto for my C7, I would tell you to get lost. The Cinema 7 at a fraction of the price does more for me than a Pronto, and so has more value. Geddit? You most certainly do NOT "get what you pay for", you simply get what the manufacturer put into the product. You're the one that puts the value in after.

{{You apparantly think all the features of "upper level" devices should be included on lower-end devices as well. BUT, what's the purpose of even having multiple models, and upper and lower end models?}}

No, MORE Wheaties, James. Not less. You need your vitamins. Or something. You are positing a strawman argument. You're basically arguing with yourself on a point I never made. Don't "apparently assume" anything, since I never said that. What I did say was -one- feature should be -accessible-, but might not be because of the fact that it is a lower priced model. Try reading more slowly next time, your comprehension might improve.

{{If your thinking was true, people would quickly learn that If I can get ALL the features of an upper end model on a lower priced unit, why bother to pay the extra? No one would bother buying the upper end models.}}

You see, again, that's YOUR thinking, strawman. Does it make you feel clever to attribute ideas to people that they never expressed, and then argue against them? If so, more power to you. You and Rob make a good "Insecurity Boys Tag Team". LOL! I'm sure it will SHOCK you to know that I happen to have vcr's and other equipment upon which I can access features with EFC codes that were NOT on the original remote. And you thought you knew everything about remote controls! Damn!

{{How about: they didn't bother deleting the index writing capability on the lower-end model, so you actually got a BONUS in that your other upper end JVC models can actually use them? }}

How is it a BONUS if I can't access the feature on the vcr? Are you still grappling with that logic thang?

{{They just didn't happen to think that It was neccessary to delete that festure, since they already deleted the reading capability. As I see it, you actually got more than you paid for.}}

Well hell, if we're gonna stretch it THAT far, I didn't pay a dime for the vcr. So even if only the clock worked on the vcr, I actually got more than I paid for, genius.

{{If you wanted another JVC with "reading" ability, then you should have paid the extra bucks to get a model that supported it. }}

Why? I already have 3 other vcr's that have that capability? Here's another stupid assumption of yours: for NO MORE than the price of the HR-A591U, you could get a vcr that has "reading ability" as you call it, and a heck of a lot more features than the JVC. Only naive consumers like yourself would think that it must cost more for somthing as basic as indexing.

{{I'd say you didn't do your homework first and check out just what features the vcr had, so I'd call that bad planning. }}

Whereas I'd call it "you're so hopped up on foolish assumptions you have no freakin' idea of what you're talking about, but that doesn't seem to slow you down".

{{Blaming JVC for your mistakes isn't fair to JVC. }}

Oh yes, IT IS. JVC is churning out crap warmed over, and they know it. You could basically go into the same store that carries the JVC, put on a blindfold and pick any other model in the store. If its the same price as the JVC, it will likely have indexing. If YOU did your homework Postulater, you would see that it doesn't cost more for that feature at the price level of the JVC.

{{No one forced you to buy a cheaper model expecting upper-model features. }}

No one forced you to be a presumptious fool either. And yet you are, by golly.

{{Now, if JVC advertised and claimed it had index reading features on that model and it didn't, then you'd have a legitimate complaint, and grounds for action. }}

Now you're talking about me suing JVC because they didn't include a code for accessing the indexing feature on my low end vcr?! How do you people come up with this stuff?! Geez, you and Rob really should get together and chip in on getting a life. Or at least stop huffing gas fumes.

{{If they didn't even mention the index writing feature that it does have, you got more than you paid for.}}

I would say you'd be a good shill for JVC, but then, I don't think you're clever enough to convince a team of monkeys that bananas are good. Thanks for the yucks, Jim, it was real fun. I always get a kick out of you uber-geeks.

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