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Post 10 made on Tuesday August 5, 2003 at 23:20
Cico Buff
Founding Member
October 2001
On 08/05/03 22:20, DBrown said...
Robman: Forgive and forget.

Cico: It's true that some technology contains
features not accessible from the included remote
or mentioned in the device's manual. But if having
an index-find feature takes extra programming
or technology to be installed in the unit, then
there's no reason to expect it to be there. It
sounds like you've proven the VCR doesn't have
the ability by searching all EFCs.
So sometimes it just takes hitting FFwd and watching.
Kinda what I'd expect from a lower-priced model.


But the JVC -does- have the technology installed in the unit to record the indexes, so there was every reason to expect it to find the index marks that it is able to record, and to believe it simply wasn't accesible from the included remote, because it is intended to compete against the company's higher end models. However, you're right that I had already proven for myself that the vcr can not accept any scan codes for finding the index marks. I was hoping someone might have found an indexing scan code on another JVC device code. But I later tried to search the EFC's for the two other JVC vcr device codes, but neither of those even worked on this model (and one of them only works on the 15-1994, but not the C7).

I guess the moral of the story is: JVC SUCKS. They are insane to expect people to search through 6 or 8 hours of tape with nothing but a tape counter to guide you. Which is already useless if you haven't put the tape in yet. You end up having to stop the tape up to 12 or 16 times to look for a half hour show. And it probably wouldn't have cost them 5 cents extra to include the ability to index search, when the machine already does the hard part of indexing, and other machines at its price point have no problem doing such basic tasks as indexing. Fortunately, I have at least two other better vcr's that can do index searches, so I'm dumping the JVC. Perhaps I should just leave it on JVC's doorstep with a note that says "This bucket of crap isn't even worth the resources it took to make it. If you can't do better than this, give it up."

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