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Post 1 made on Thursday September 7, 2006 at 14:14
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August 2001
In the morning, after getting home from work, my immediate schedule is something akin to; walking the dogs (assuming one of the slaves arenít available), a bite to eat (the dogs and myself), a cup of tea (aaaahhhhh), maybe watch something on TV that Iíve either recorded or got on dvd (Battlestar Galactica series 2 just recently), and then a brief breeze around the internet before a shower and bed.

Wednesday was such a day, only when I got up several hours later (another cup of tea and brief browse around the internet, before the ironing and dinner making) I found that the browsing was off due to Firefox hanging 10/15 seconds or so after firing up. I shut it down and tried again; same thing.

Now I must confess, my immediate reaction was one of whatís that daughter of mine done now Ė she wonít openly admit it, but she does have something of a reputation for placing spanners in the works. After asking, however, it was plainly evident that in this instance sheíd done nothing out of the ordinary, (neither does she in fact use Firefox for her browsing). Somewhat mystified I tried Firefox again; same thing. No option then other than to be a little more radical in my approach.

Since yesterday then I have:

  • Checked all the firewall/antivirus/malware/spyware settings Ė and found nothing untoward.

  • Tried uninstalling and reinstalling two different versions Ė several times (even to the extent of manually cleaning out the registry of anything to do with Mozilla).

  • Tried different restore points. (N.B. I run XP Professional).

  • Iíve even tried shutting down United Devices.

Nothing appears to work. Here, however, is the rub.

During the course of all the above I once again found myself back on my daughters login. Though she uses IE for her browsing, there is a Firefox shortcut on her desktop, so I tried it. Yes, youíve guessed it Firefox fires up perfectly okay on her login, and Iíve also since found that that it will fire up okay on the sonís and wifeís as well.

So whatís to do? Iím no computer guru and as such Iím not ashamed to say Iím completely baffled. I was just wondering if anyone can suggest something Iíve not thought of or tried.


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