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Post 24 made on Monday June 18, 2007 at 17:13
Tim Brewer
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May 2007
To whom it may concern,


In the spring of 1994, Vessen Hopkins uncovered an external energy array,
focused at specific key points outside the body. This incredible discovery
represents the single most important breakthrough in the history of science
and has implications that stand to unravel our greatest mystery, is there
life after death.

The Vehram Energy System is an external energy array comprising six
distinct energy centers, universally arranged in a unique and independently
verifiable configuration, yet is entirely outside the human body. The
energy that emanates from these energy centers is commonly recognized by
astral projection practitioners as the "vibrational surge," the escape
energy that fuels the separation.

The importance of this discovery to not only those who practice astral
projection, but all of humanity, cannot be overstated. This is the key to
one of our most mysterious phenomena, the out-of-body experience, thus
opening the portal for all to exploring this natural ability and yet offers
science a way to demonstrate the separate nature of consciousness by
showing that we are indeed able to reach beyond the physical body to
interact with this external energy array. Its properties are so unique,
universal, and powerful, it simply cannot be dismissed as a figment of the
imagination. The system exists for everyone and serves the same unique
purpose, to fuel the astral body and enable consciousness to separate from
the physical. Of particular curiosity to science is what happens when one
makes direct contact with one of these energy centers.

After more than 13 years of research and investigation into this ethereal
anomally, Hopkins is making the discovery of the Vehram System known to
all. Launching the site and requesting your help,
Hopkins hopes to spread the word to as many as possible. Anything you can
do to help others learn about this incredible energy source would be
greatly appreciated.

Anyone involved in metaphysical or other serious scientific research
related to energy and or quantum mechanics could help by offering
independent analysis and investigation. You may contact our research
department by sending an email to [email protected] if you are interested
in collaboration or other projects. It is important that science have an
opportunity to explore this completely. However, there already exist
compelling evidence that this energy system does exist. Millions of people
have already felt its power. Different aspects of this energy system were
in fact discovered by different people independently of one another,
suggesting that it exists in exactly the same universal configuration for
each of us, outside the body. Our ability ro reach outside the body and
independently determine the various locations prove that this energy array
is a real manifestation, not the product of one person's illusion. If the
energy system is real, then so is our ability to reach beyond the body.

Anyone can see for themselves how this energy system works and examine the
evidence for themselves. All the information can be found through the site and those interested can pick up a copy of Hopkins's new
book, "Out-of-Body Experiences: the Vehram Energy System," which tells the
story in length of how Hopkins stumbled onto the Vehram System and offers a
revolutionary technique for leaving the body, based on the newly understood
fundamentals governing this natural ability.

Most importantly, we ask you to help spread the word. Feel free to forward
this email to anyone you feel would be interested. Help us share the
message through the internet, through online sites, blogs, forums, etc.
The more people who know the more enlightened we become through the spread
of knowledge. This is the discovery that proves life after death and the
Vehram Energy System represents a doorway to the other side so that we may
see and explore that realm for ourselves, here and now, in this lifetime.
It is personal knowledge of what comes next, what is on the other side. It
is a path to undestanding what we are, where we come from, and where we are

Thank you for your help and support,
Public Relations Team

Note: This email was sent to a hand full of individuals and institutions we
felt would be interested in receiving this correspondence. If you feel you
have received this transmission in error, simply reply to this email with
the word remove in the subject line and you will never receive any further
contact from us. Thank you for your support.
300 Sunset Dr
Hooks, Tx. 75561
[email protected]

Thank you,
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