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Post 1 made on Monday October 23, 2000 at 12:30
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Well . . . to start with . . . another thread that speaks of the inability to program a macro into the Power Button confirms my incredulity that this was NOT possible.
I must have looked throught the manual 20 times
to confirm that I couldn't macro the Power button.
That in itself will probably keep this remote from
being "wife proof."
Here are some other things I've noticed.
1) The remote does not seem to be consistent in it's
acceptance of macros and learned commands. For instance, I have a Tivo, a Replay, a VCR and a Sima remote controlled a/v switching device. I programmed
macros into the main page such that when I hit the Tivo button, the macro selects the Sima device, then selects the "A" input (Tivo), then goes back to the Tivo device page. I did the same with the Replay and the VCR. For some reason, only the Replay took. To make matters worse, the attempted macro cleared the command to switch (in the case of the Tivo and the VCR) in the Sima device page. I was able to erase and relearn these two commands, but the macros will not take.
2) The remote purports to come pre-loaded with Tivo and Replay. Except for the channel commands and maybe the numbers (and perhaps a few others) I couldn't find ANY of the other Tivo or Replay commands, i.e. transports, guides, etc. I had to "learn" all of them into the MX-1000.
3) My boxes are behind wooden cabinet doors, and I use a Microsmith "blaster" (with the ribbon emitters) to send IR commands. For some reason, the MX-1000 is not able to send the commands AT NIGHT! It's the damnedest thing I've ever seen. It works fine during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down, nothing! Interestingly, the Tivo commands ARE sent OK at night (and the original Replay remote DOES work at night). Not sure if the MX-1000 is the culprit here, but I'm wary.
4) The Move buttons function does not always work right for me (i.e. I can't duplicate moves on my Favorite Main page that I made on other buttons). May be operator error, but I've tried several times. I also hate the way text edits extend through the buttons, but I think Daniel addressed this in his review and I think the software will rectify this problem.
5) I wish the remote automatically lighted, or that the light switch was further down the remote. Activating the backlighting is a two handed operation for me.
I've only played with this thing for one day, and I LOVE the joystick, the general feel of the thing, the great mix of hard and soft buttons, etc. However, some of the other faults (unless I figure out workarounds) may compel me sadly to send the remote back (after waiting for MONTHS!).
I'd be interested in other thoughts and, especially, answers.

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